Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Endings

I find it funny that most movies end with everyone pairing up like the nuclear apocalypse has rained down upon us and they need to repopulate the planet.

It may seem strange and bizarre, but two people can work together and not hook up. It happens quite often. Half of my class of sixty or seventy people are single, after being in the same classes for the past five years. And most of the rest are with people they happened across one day.

I came to this revelation while watching 'Toy Story 2' on Disney the other day. Woody the cowboy had Bo Peep. And suddenly, Buzz had the Jessie the cowgirl, and Mr. Potato Head got the Miss Potato Head. Looking at the third in the series, we get the irritating pairing of a Barbie doll (a character which had little if any exposure in the previous movies outside of cameos) and Ken. I say irritating because almost all commercials focus on this, as if 'love at first sight' is completely new to writing.

It would be refreshing to see one movie where the leading actor and actress do not fall in love. Doubly so for movies where the two only just meet for a few days and share maybe three pages worth of dialogue.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like happy endings. But your right not everybody has to end up hooking up. It just sounds a whole lot better if they did though.