Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Here is a perfect example of the kind of excess I talked about in an earlier post.

Was it really necessary to note each and every increment of the rolling restarts? All we needed was the post and an update; a post that it's happening, and an update on when it's done.

Instead, we get a post that is literally updating every fifteen to twenty minutes, with such topics of importance as:

"Updated 10:55am PDT: Halfway there…
Updated 10:35am PDT: (80 / 20) x 10% = ?
Updated 10:15am PDT: Seems like it takes 20 minutes per 10%… and so it does … 30% restarted.
Updated 9:55am PDT: 20% of the regions have been restarted.

This is not necessary. It is not needed. It just satisfies the people who have extreme ADD and need to know exactly how far the update is progressing. Actually, that's not fair. I have a friend with ADD who thought it was excessive. So really, it's just the Lindens making work for themselves.


And now, a sampling of the comments from that post:

-"The last rolling restart we had, my region didn’t come back and took over 1 hour to get it back up, I hope this will not happen again!"

-"I’m in a teleport failure at moment! got logged off, but i’m showing as on-line. Don’t know if this happens alot, first time for me. Lindenlabs working on it, so i’ll be back soon."

-"It’s so nice to see from the previous blog that after about a day of frenetic resuscitation the grid has been “Stabilized.” I knew this guy who was in a train wreck and they thought he was gonna die. But then the hospital announced that he had been stabilized. I guess that meant he wasn’t getting worse

…but then he died.

Speaking of train wrecks…"

-"Rolling updates are so much better than downtime ^^"

-"hopefully this update will fix the asset problems as I am stuck right now as a very short jogauni and my SL girlfreind dosnt like it. Please help"

-"I hope it fixes the crashes !!! lol I guess SL hates me !!!! :panyway good job and will the last person to leave pls turn off the lights !!! hahhahahhaha"

-"I wish it would fix something…anything.
But I can read only that it adds code for analysing a problem..
no fix.
If we are all lucky, this investigation code has no additional bugs or will not reveal some other bugs."

-"It’s also getting to the point where the frequency of re-re-re-re-re-resolving the same problems might warrant a modicum of attention."

-"Sounds like a few of the problems you are having are client side on your PC. If you’re crashing when turning - again do as above, clear cache and update version. In addition ensure you’ve got the latest drivers for your graphics card. Also try decreasing some of the graphics settings - that may help."

-"How about introducing a survey box on logout - kind of ‘I am logging out because … tick box’

Tick box categories would include “I’m blissfully happy; I cannot TP anywhere; My hair is glued to my ass; I’m on my way to Jupiter; Could you change the shade of Grey; and so on.

The key point is to find out what the users experience is that has led them to leave …"

-"Please translate your information in french. Thank you"

-"I like rolling restarts, and jumping the restart wave. I’m going to introduce a new sport:
Grid Surfing. It’s a little like inertia surfing on a bus, but a little more complicated as it requires rebooting 16,000+ sims"

Note that I couldn’t put it where it belongs, due to the fact that LL employees somehow can’t face more than a relative few responses to a blog entry.
Here’s the deal, Ginsu. Nobody is home at LL. "

-"Is this some kind of stealth rolling restart?I haven’t seen anything happen yet …"

-"Does anyone notice anything wrong with a post saying “We value open communication” that is not open for comments?"

-"Least People or Least Bots online?" (in response to a previous post asking when the least amount of people were logged on.)

-"Now that the rolling restart is completed is there a chance the Friends Online webpage will be repaired."

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