Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Book of Nunchuck IV

Now Qeosi was the cleverest of his people, and he knew as well as any the folly of creating a god, as evidenced by his very existance and the great war between Nunchuck and Philip. And he also knew of his people's reputation throughout the land as ruthless, cutthroats, and bloodthirsty savages.

So he came upon an outcrop, and stood upon it, boasting to the avatars and akelhians below: "Behold, you shall soon be relieved of your lives! For we, the Ony, have found the knowledge that you have long lost, and will create a god of our own to counter yours who comes not to your aid!"

It had the desired effect. The akelhians became heavily demoralized and the people despaired, for both believed no good end could come of an Ony possessing a book of such power. They waited for the moment when Qeosi would sweep down the hillsides with his new gods and savage the land. Even Fi-Suu, with the courage of a dozen avatars, felt a heavy load on his heart upon this news.

Next, Qeosi told his hordes to pull back. When the avatars saw this, they said amongst themselves, "Surely, they are getting ready for their own creation, and want not to risk casulties before their victory!" While in their doubt, Qeosi ordered two of his most loyal officers to go and search for the Femur of Nunchuck, and to bring it back so that they may receive the almighty blessings of the Most Holy.

Meanwhile, Ruth continued her search for the Femur, searching the highlands and the low valleys, and the tiniest island and the widest plains, and nowhere was there to be found the Mighty Femur. Every day she harbored doubts that perhaps Frank was wise for abandoning their people and settling beyond the land they had known.

And so she stopped and made rest in a cove fashioned from boulders fallen from the last Great War. While she took her rations, a man walked by and also sat in the cove, and watched the sun setting low in the sky.

And it was Philip.

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