Sunday, September 30, 2007

Persephone Applemoor

Persephone Applemoor is a new resident, who started about a week or two ago.

Perse is, for a new resident, unusually adaptive to Second Life, more so than the usual bunch that pass through the Welcome Areas. Part of that is because she is an immigrant from The Sims Online, so the culture shock and learning curve for her is not too steep.

When I met her, she was concerned that her SL client might be glitched or broken, she couldn't teleport. I reassured her that this was a common enough problem, and that a relog would probably clear it up.

She was adorable in a certain way, thinking that a job in Second Life would be similar to getting a job in real life, with actual doctors and hospitals. I sadly informed her that such things are at best role play, but if she was into that, then there are many areas where you can find such things. She just wanted to earn money to buy clothes and things, things that she saw everyone else (save the newbies) had.

She seemed fascinated by the idea that people from all over the planet log into Second Life, that you could be conversing with people from China or Germany. One wonders what her Sims Online experience must have been like. I've never played it, so I don't know whether everything was segregated off or what. In any event, it seemed to overwhelm her.

Griefing entertained her, after all it's all in good fun. If the worst is a screaming ninja turtle cube, then it's pretty tame compared to real life, right? What is all the fuss about? And I can see her point. Griefing is like a natural disaster and a theme park ride rolled into one. It adds variety to an otherwise blase day-to-day existence in SL. It becomes something of an ice breaker when meeting someone else: "Some griefing that just happened the other day, right? LAWL cubes all over my lawn." I can see weather reports of SL: "Today we have a high of 34 fps. Mostly smooth with intermittent lag. Tropical Griefer "asswipe Oh" is setting up off the coast of Yuri, it seems to be taking a turn to the southeast and may hit the Russia sims sometime next week."

She seemed very curious. Which is a good thing, in this world of ours. Staying in one place too long becomes mundane, wears people down. They demand change. Flux and searching for the next big things keeps SL humming along, and in this case Perse will excel, I can feel it.


Nalin Nungesser said...

Welcome to SL Persephone!

daiyo said...

Five gets you ten that Persephone will quit by the end of this month.