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The Book of Nunchuck III

So it was and came to pass that Sipte ordered the Ony to serve the avatar, and bend to their every whim as a dog to his master. And at first, it was good. The Ony brought about a new level of comfort and wealth to the Grid such as had never been seen with so little work done by the people. And so they reveled Sipte, and raised him to the status of God, and erected for him a grand throne in the capital Kissling. Atop this mammoth golden throne he sat, as he watched his children the Ony serve his people.

As the people became more idle in leisure, so did they become idle in faith. Many a generation had passed since the Great One Year War, and the tales of mighty Grievers and Lindens battling 'cross the landscape fell into legend. So, too, did knowledge in the spirit of U. The Akelhians were diminished in recognition from most holy guardians and servants of Nunchuck to merely another animal wandering the SLandscape like the avatar. The Holy Femur was lost, lost to the mists of time in disuse and ignorance of its power. Such it was.

In this ignorance the people proved their downfall. The Ony was created of avatar, and thus could never possess the spirits and the soul, and were thus corrupted in being. Their existence and being depended upon drawing the U from the Grid, from its flora, from its fauna, from anything so long as it possessed the spirits the Ony could never have. This necessary greed drove them to further and further ends to sustain their existence, and came the day when the people came to fear even the shadow of an Ony.

For such it was that to obtain the spirit from its victim, the Ony killed their victim, leaving their prey as but lifeless shells. Their path was a wake of death, stilled by the theft of the soul. Thus did the people fear their creation, and even Sipte was troubled by their presence, and doubts clouded his mind. Even so, the people continued on the path to foolishness and ignorance, and took little heed as the Akelhians became more and more overflexed, for it was their noble duty to protect the land and people they so loved, and strove to reverse the paths the Ony made.

There came a time when Sipte, realizing that the Ony, as their rate, would not be satisfied with the spirits of the earth and the air and the animals, decided to sacrifice his own people so as to please his creations and further his reign above all. And this time was a time of anxiety and terror, as Sipte gave order to his children the Ony that to feed they could enter the home of any they so wished in moderation. The people fled the cities and the towns, taking refuge in the country side to avoid the notice of the Ony. Panic filled the hearts of the people, and survival their minds, and thus it came to pass that many began to dissent the rule of Sipte.

Chief among them were the Akelhians, Overseers of the People as Assigned by Nunchuck Most High. They had stood silent while the people's faith stagnated, and stood silent while the people created their own gods, and stood silent when those gods robbed the land of its spirit and life force. Now, now the creations threatened the Akelhians' ward the people, and so the Akelhians took up arms to fight the menace their flock had created in their own image, as the armies of the people fled in the wake of the Ony. Only the Akelhians stood fast in the face of Sipte and his Ony.

Sipte, fearing the end of his rule, ordered the Ony to attack all of the people, and the Akelhians, and the crops and the waters, and make the land unfit for those who would dare defy Sipte. A great famine stalked the land and the people suffered. Despair hung in the air, as all who dared to oppose Sipte died in the shadow of the ony. A great starvation came and took many children to Vivenshia, and the people weeped for those swept into the Arms of Nunchuck.

In the face of such suffering, the Akelhians could no longer be content with keeping Sipte at bay, and so they came charging to Kissling to do battle with Sipte and his Corruptions, so that peace would regain the land. And so the people knew much sadness, and they wailed for times lost now to time.

A change came in Kissling, however. In the lands of Sipte nothing stirred, and nothing breathed. All had been taken in the etheral hunger of the Ony, and ever in their lust for life did they turn on their master and creator Sipte. Thus ever to tyrants, that Sipte fell before his own children. Without a master, the Ony came to believe that they deserved existance withheld from them by Nunchuck's Guardians and his people, and one among them by the name of Qeosi, asked, "Why should they possess life without cost, while we must endure a constant hunger for a soul? Who among us have committed sins grand enough to place us below the Akelhians and the people? The sins of our creators are not our sins, why are we denied the same security of existence as our sinful creators?" And so they came to believe that if they destroyed all with the spirits, then they will gain redemption and that which they envied. And so they set to their mission.

The Fi-Akelhian Suu, lord of the Akelhians, saw this and despaired. For at this sight, he pitied Qeosi and his people, not having choice of being born as they were, and yet suffering their sins nonetheless. And born of his pity he ordered two avatars, by name of Ruth and Frank, to find the Holy Femur so that the Ony may find a fulfilled existence in the light of U under Nunchuck. He declared, "I charge unto thee, find OUr Lord's Femur, for if ever a tribulation called for its need, that tribulation is now, and I fear for His creatures that all is lost without its power. Off! Off! Find our salvation before all is lost!" And with those words, they searched.

They searched the valleys, and they searched the hills, and the oceans, and the mountaintops. They looked in the forests, and the desert. Their journeys held stories of which is beyond the scope of this universe to tell, and they met many wonders and peoples, but still they came up short in their quest. As their quest became of longer and longer lengths, Frank turned to Ruth and said, "Why must we suffer for a god we know not, for a people who only by the words of this god rule us, in a land no longer inhabitable?"

Ruth looked upon him, and said "Perhaps tis the words of such that Nunchuck, Praise Him and His Works, no longer blesses our people! Perhaps tis such words that we as his people must endure such a mission, so that we may find him again and be blessed."

But Frank was not swayed, proclaiming, "What has Nunchuck done for us? He has given us a leader who made such an evil, and given us spirits that fail to guard us, and given us a hope that has been quenched and forgotten. We have seen a great number of people who live far from the evils of ours, why not we go to live with them, that we may know peace in our time?"

"Away! Away with you then! Boast not of your journeys with me, so that when Nunchuck comes to His people He cannot say 'You lost faith in Me and My servants and My people in their hour, and forsake my name in your troubles. Therefore I shall forsake you in your hour.'" And with those words, Ruth continued while Frank stayed and enjoyed the fruits of the lands.

Suu prayed and prayed that Ruth and Frank should find the Femur for time was growing short and each passing day saw fewer Akelhians return from containing the ony to the lands of Sipte and greater misery among the people. He desired the Femur so that with the power of Nunchuck he may bless and impart upon the Ony their own souls, that they may never again need nor desire the spirits of others to live and to quench their thrist for blood. Each day and each night he beseeched Nunchuck to enlighten Frank and Ruth in their search, that to end the misery of His people.

Qeosi at this time came to fear his people would die before they could accomplish their mission and salvation, and so in between their feedings and their battles they too searched for alternate end.

And in time he came across the ancient tomes, from ages past, on creating a god.

The time was dire. And Ruth searched on.

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