Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Letter From Anna To The Bearians

Letter from Anna to the Bearians:

Though you laugh and mock us with your silence, we hold no grudge.Though you accuse and deride us, we bear no ill will.

For it is the will and desire of our Lord, Nunchuck, that all that is good is His good, and all that is bad is not His. Take heart those among you, silent in faith, that although you fear reprisals and are silent, Nunchuck shall read your heart and smile, and when your time comes that you journey to Vivenshia, take peace in knowing that you go with the grace of Nunchuck, the Akelhians, and the Grievers.

For those that harden their hearts to His words and works, hear me that there is time to condone, for never has Nunchuck felt but love for his people, that if one of his hatchlings falls from the nest, he shall find it if it calls for him. Those who do not call for Nunchuck will stay on the ground, far from the safety of the nest, and fall prey to the predators lurking in the shadows. Take heed these words!

It is with this in mind that I write to you, and explain how to gain His grace so that all will be comforted in the Eternal Glory that is His Light.

Let go of your prejudices, your fears, your misapphrensions. Embrace your neighbor with kindness and love. Judge not on appearances or profiles, but on the strength of their heart and the purity of their soul. Such it is that a ripe apple may appear delectable and beautiful as wax yet be rotten to the core and riddled with worms so that the farmer will throw it out, but the apple that is bruised and dull may be made into pie, this is the way of Nunchuck. For He will throw out that which is rotten and withered inside, and keep those ripe with righteousness in their soul.

Take not such a stand with those set to destroy Nunchuck's Good Works. Cast a wary eye for griefers and lindens that seek but to destroy. Hold no patience for those who drop particles upon you, crash out your homes and your businesses, and attack you without mercy. For they are not the servants of Nunchuck, nor are they agents of His Wrath, for never would Nunchuck ordain actions of such gravity He Himself would not do, such is His Goodness. Nay, instead cast them from your doorstep. May they seek Nunchuck's forgiveness for themselves, worse than those who ignore his words they are. He holds no mercy for the unmerciful, no rest for those who cause unrest. Such is His Justice. And surely, his wrath will spillth over to those who associate with these creatures, and they will feel His Wrath as certain as the rivers feel the tides of the oceans. Be not complacent among those who go against the Will of Nunchuck, especially against His People.

Do good works. It does not matter what the gain, or the glory, or the consquences behind lie. For surely the good deeds of the lowliest among you is the same as the good deeds of the highest, just as honey from two different hives tastes as sweet. Surely, I say to you, the people of my homeland, that Nunchuck rewards a good deed twice over, and never has He forgotten anyone who has eased the pains and struggles of His people. Indeed, one who does such is a follower and believer of Nunchuck however many times they may deny it, and should be treated as such. And one who does evil is fallen from Nunchuck and devoid of His Glory despite their claims to the contrary, and should be treated as such.

Follow these three simple commandments: Love your neighbor, seek peace and turn evil to good, and do good works. In these three ways may you court the Smile of Nunchuck, and live forever in His Light. And if others mock you for following, take solcist in the knowledge that Nunchuck will reward you all the more.

Take heed these words! For never was it written that those who heeded His Words and returned was turned away, but no good was written of those who stuffed their eyes with wax and cotton and closed their eyes. Many among you have fallen from His Grace, I am reassuring you that all is not lost and redemption is at hand for those who apologise and return to Him. It is never too late! His love is for all!

You have seen signs of the hardship of today, take heart in that this is not the worst! In days long past, events more global and climatic have occurred, signs that the evil of the past has not rested in the present, and that only in Nunchuck is there salvation and hope.

I see fear and despair when they bomb with particles and sounds and offense, I beseech you to take hope and comfort in Nunchuck, for He will never abandon His people, and never will He allow it to destroy the grid He loves so. For every time a sim crashs, that is merely Nunchuck wiping out that which offends Him so that we may live again on His grid.

I say to you, those who give up and despair at these events are consoling with the enemies of Nunchuck. Panic not, for He walks with you. Fear not, for He protects you. Despair not, for He shall restore you. Rest in the peace of His Grace, and enjoy His Gifts.

Follow His Words, Do Good Works in His Name, Strive for Peace, and Stand Bold, so that you, my fellow citizens of Bear, may know of His Sweet Rewards.

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