Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Nutter: The fact is, so far, tax cutting has not caused a cut in revenues. …I was born, bred, raised all my trouble in Philly. I understand the need for services.Providing services is what we do, it’s the business we’re in. When people call City Hall, they’re not calling to see how we’re feeling. They want us to do something.One thing we need to do for them is create jobs. One of the ways we are going to create jobs is to get out of the position of being the No. 1 tax burden city in America.

Citizen Freda Egnal: I question the premise that cutting taxes will result in more business. I find it surprising that someone running as a Democrat would take that position.Democrats have not typically been handmaidens of the Chamber of Commerce.

Nutter: I’m the representative, or have been, of people in Philly who want to work.For them to do that, there have to be businesses willing to create jobs in Philadelphia. I’ve been clear about something and will continue to try to get it across: Taxes are not the only thing that drives that decision. It’s about public safety, it’s about better schools, it’s about open and ethical government, it’s about arts and culture, it’s about, after 40 years of inanity, finally developing our riverfront as Boston and Balitmore have done theirs. But you can’t ignore the fact that we have the highest tax burden and that’s a big factor.

Nutter: It’s not a mystery why we’re not holding on to a high percentage of the kids graduating from all these great colleges. When the graduations are over and the parties are done and mom and dad cut off the credit card, these kids have to go to work. So they are looking for cities where they can find good jobs.

Nutter: We’re the fifth largest city in America – when the mayor stands up and says something, people will pay attention. Whatever the governance situation with the schools is, the mayor can be a face, a voice for public education, trying to reinvigorate our parents, keep trying to push that rock up that hill. This is not just about passing some bill. It's called moral leadership.Our ultimate goal should be to get kids tired; give ‘em so much to do by the time they get home all they want to do is do their homework and go to bed.

Nutter: Clean up your neighborhood. You know, only five things come down from the sky: rain, show, sleet, hail and blessings from the Lord. Not potato chip bags.Potato chip bags: people put them there, and people can pick them up.I understand we in government have a responsibility to provide services. But, it may be a little corny, but there’s something to this thing called citizenship.I’ve been around this city some. This place is a mess; it’s dirty; it says something about how we feel about ourselves. Step up. Try to do something about it. Take some responsibility for cleaning up your block. We’ll meet you halfway.


Hazel Kyrgyz said...

Do you read the Philadelphia political blogs at all?

daiyo said...

I don't get it. What is the point of this?