Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Duel

I don't always agree with Prokofy, and I don't always feel he's attacking the right issues, but I do approve of how he can always make me laugh even when I don't care a fig about what he's talking about.

Case in Point.

Prok and some lawyer have taken to blows between their blogs. But the best is this (in response to the lawyer's critiquing of Prokofy's avatar):

"I wasn't aware that we have to apply ages to our avatars. Usually people refer to avatar ages by their actual years -- mine is nearly 3. I'm 51 in real life. Prokofy looks to be about 35, I imagine, I'm not sure, I never really worked at ascribing him an age. I don't feel he is 'slight' as he is some 7 feet tall I think in avatar equivalents and often can't walk under a doorway. I imagine his duffle bag slider is set at a higher number than Benjamin Noble -- and that wouldn't be hard to do, trust me."

Not to be outdone in absurdity, his opponent responds!

"[Prokofy's] modes of attack include deliberately misquoting people [he] wants to discredit, personally belittling anyone who disagrees with [him], making up horrible lies about interlocutors, and ultimately, taking what appears to be an immense amount of joy in being one of the most wantonly disagreeable people in the virtual world."

Modes of attack? I suppose Prok is some kinda robot now, with five configurations! Batteries sold separately!

He later accuses Prok of libel, to which Prok challenges:

"Let Duranske submit all my posts to a panel of experts and they will find that criticism that specifies people's actions as objectionable isn't libel; it's robust discourse necessary in a democracy!"

"Thank God I'm here to perform this public service, or we'd only have one kind of commentary in Second Life, that of the smug and arrogant tekkie."

"[Prok has accused me] Of supporting the torture of Chinese dissidents ... and then, a few weeks later, of trying to destroy Second Life and have its founder arrested ... And of being a half-dozen vulgar anatomical terms including — at the PG-13 end — “massive asshole,” and “giant dick."

Prok offers no denials: "Major-league asshole is I think the expression."

"Be that as it may, I will keep fighting the good fight. People like Duranske trying to make grabs for power and influence to pump up their vanity need to be stopped. It's hard work, and I hope I will have more company in this. If I'm stopped, I have no doubt someone else will pick up the torch. Seriously, it's a job that needs to be done."

This is a tragedy. A tragedy that these two individuals, who otherwise appear to be of sound and sane mind, have devolved into this school yard fight. It's pointless, nonsensical arguments about first, a bank that had been ailing for some time; secondly, who's more right and more important; and thirdly, who's banned from where and why. Stupid Stupid stupid.

This is the main reason we won't get anywhere with regards to unified resident communities and voices. None of us seemingly wants to compromise. Reading Prok's earlier posts, he notes that Ginko was dying off, but take a look AFTER Benji claimed it was a ponzi: suddenly, Prok endorses it! Even adding money to it! Benji goes and crashes a meeting of Prok's, alt-zooming in, making snide remarks, being disruptive. It's just ridiculous. Tragedy is the word for it. Two brillant minds focusing their energies solely on who is right, like children in kindergarten. It is the most terrible waste I have ever seen or heard of since North Korea.

And this is just a game. These kinds of debates (raging at the moment all across SL) make me cry even as I'm laughing.

And that's terrible.

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