Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Second Life

For lack of a better thing to write, I have decided today to post all the snapshots I took in the first two months of my Second Life, which spans from November 5th to January 5th for those of you watching from home.
To begin, the first snapshot is from November 17th. I don't have any photos from when I was first rezzed to that date. Why? I didn't know how to, simply. It is a shame, because it was one of the more interesting experiences. I was easily amused by the smallest details. I got a rise out of the 'boop' noise and the menu that popped up when you right clicked. I was an oddball.

This is my first photo. It is a pic that I took of me and my friend, Solta, dancing in someone's home that we had raided. Solta was my first real friend in SL. We used to run all over SL, into and out of people's homes, playing around with freebie weapons and toys.
This was my first snapshot, and it shows. I am zoomed out all the way, you can hardly see us. I hadn't waited for all for all the textures to rez. It still holds a special place in my heart, it was the first day I decided to document a pictorial history of my Second Life.

Z13's island. He was a friend of Solta's who offered us a house in exchange for rent. He didn't realize we were both paupers. So instead, we discussed things. Mostly about Second Life. Nothing important, we were just passing time.

My first pic of Bear. I lived under those benches. All but three of the people here quit SL about a month later.

My first visit to a club, the Pink Panther Lounge. It was located in some horribly crude newbie type build, but at the time it was impressive to me that they had built a huge building. It was standard club fair, with a radio station blaring some crappy silly stream, and all of us just mindless dancing using a dance ball.

I was always pushing limits. Solta and I had a contest to see who could fly higher. She lost when she logged off, but I continued, all the way up to 500,000 meters, at which point the sun went up into the horizon and disappeared and the sky would change from blue to night at random, and my avatar looked like she was ready to fall apart. I didn't try to go higher, and I haven't ever since.

Some random person at Bear. I thought he was weird at the time since he was half covered in tattoos. You could tell I was new.

A friend showing off his hot pink jeep/thing. We took a drive until a sim seam ate his car. The robot in the back jumped on as a hitchhiker.

I didn't always spin couches. I would also spin other pieces of furniture. Here I am showing off a spinning chair to James. James came to Bear to relax, socialize, insult Ryan Radio, and run furries over. I stopped him with dominoes and tacos.
I'd also like to point out that back then, you used to be able to rezz anything at Bear, and scripts would work too. This lead to massive griefing, but it also let us add lots of user things to Bear, like sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and show-off builds ("Look, I made a head scarf!"). It was all turned off later by a Linden due to the unearthly amount of abuse reports that would flow from Bear.
Sometimes, they still find an abuse report from those times wedged in some corner of the abuse report team HQ. There was so many, they got into everything in Linden Lab.

An "oooOO-Look-at-that" picture. His wings brought the sim to a crawl. Joke was on him, he couldn't fit into the actual Bear lodge.
Or any doorway, for that matter.

Mimi, another one of my good friends. We went around messing around with the Christmas sims that were cropping up around Christmas time. This chair was supposed to be for Santa and an kid on his lap. This was all slammed and squeezed between two mini-malls.

Messing around Club Vanity. In the window in the background, you can see the desolate landscape, as Heaton village wasn't built yet. This was when Club Vanity actually hosted live musicians, usually Bill and Pam. And others who were just starting out and wanted to mess around. We went through a few new singers who had just entered SL. A few were good, most were about average. One sounded like he came off a binge the night before.

Me spinning a sofa. By now I was famous for doing so.

I forget if there was a live musician this night, or whether we just all went crazy. In the background in the red room was the short lived "Vanity Gambling/Camping", which was gamed by campbots.
There is also a herd of Chickens. I am the chicken playing the drums.

Hazel, the co-owner of Club Vanity, showing off her jello avatar.

Nalin, or Orsaka, or Hazel showing off her jello avatar. The transformer was some random person flying by.

Chaos setting off a flash bang. I think this was when I first met her. Chaos is a great builder and scripter who made lots and lots of weapons. She would shoot griefers. This was us testing her weapons next to Bear. Bear by this time was under lockdown, so we went to the neighboring parcel and caused some havoc.

With that, this chronicles the first two months of my SL, at least, the parts that you can pull out of my snapshots. There is obviously more to it, but I am lazy and don't feel like writing and spell checking the monster that would be.


Nalin Nungesser said...

It's probably Orska or Hazel with the green jello. I never had a jello avi -- a little too gelatiny for my taste.

Vanity I miss that place; such good memories.

Great post!

Anna T. said...

I believe (and this is just speculation on my part) that Heaton Village and Vanity Castle are being sold, as the land there is now labeled with "" and has an advertisiment feel. I don't blame Jayden, it wasn't renting well, but it looks like Vanity Castle is probably not going to survive for very much longer.

It was probably Orsaka, as Hazel was a different color. Watching those Jellos run around was a tad creepy. If I had a nightmare about Jello, it would involve Bill Cosby launching an army of flexi-prim Jellos to conquer the grid.

However, I do give the Jello av point for being non-humanoid. So many avatars are either humanoid or some animal derivative. Avatars like Light Waves (a ball of light), Nye Mu's avs, and Jellos are very rare and I think they are not recognized enough.

Jeez, my comment is like a post. I realize now why I never commented before (aside from it being massively narcissitic).

Nalin Nungesser said...

Yeah, I've seen that Anna. It appears that both Heaton Village and Vanity Castle are on the selling block. Gonna miss those. (I hope that your bridge doesn't get deleted in the process.)

It's true, I haven't seen a Jello avi since Orska and Hazel ran around in them. Who knows; maybe the person who created those is no longer in the SL World.