Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blue's Party Night

The Grand Opening of Blue's Britches Bar was last night. Festivities included a sploder, don't worry, all perfectly legal, it was adjusted nine times to Friday so it wasn't really like gambling. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. There was also a Best in Blue vote, which Lynne (sp?) won, and of course the esteemed Crys75 Perhaps as DJ blasting out tunes.

Of course, there were failures. Like the failure to include Tiny Empires into it somehow. It was one of those things where we kept putting it off until the last minute. Also, we really didn't pack it in with people like we wanted. The worst we got was mild lag, not COMPLETE TIME DILATION AND EVERYONE CRASHING OUT kinda horror. I suppose one has to start somewhere. Just have to book more events.

Although Blue, your wish to have it packed every single night is going to give me and Madison ulcers. Please give us at least one day of the week to clean up the mess. :P

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