Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was going to write a post on Torley and some of his ideas which range from like-minded to completely asinine (mostly the latter) but then I remembered my rule of enjoying Second Life and not caring about Lindens and Linden Lab. So I decided not to write about the fact that he seems to live in a different grid than the rest of us, perhaps in cloud cuckooland.

It was a great post, too. Ok, ok, I'll just summarize.

Torley is like Squealer from Animal Farm. Linden Lab can do no wrong, and when people think something bad is happening Torley just does a little dance and song, feeds us some technicolor bullshit about the future and 'technology opening minds', and pay no attention to the fact that since Windlight my SL client stutters just changing camera angles or that everyone appears pixelated when seen from far away.

You know, I think later I'm going to pick up that book again and make more comparisons. Do you think Cory would be Snowball? Would Prokofy be the goat or the crow? I can even imagine adapting the "four legs good, two legs better" at the end.

"Relax guys, we're about to roll out a new update to the grid.... To help reduce issues...."

Yeah, that's LL battle cry all right. Although not as catchy. I will work on it.

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Torley said...

Well, it's nice of you to think of me, but I sure wish you had seen the more critical posts I've made too. (There are lots!)

Ain't all sunshine, but when you're in the dirt without an umbrella, gotta keep digging. :)