Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Book of Winter

Long ago, from the ashes of a long forgotten world, a world torn and burnt by the evils in their hearts, arose Nunchuck.

And He saw the pain and devastation that lay before Him, and He wept. He wept in sorrow for many many years. His tears flooded the landscape and washed away the sin of that grid. They became the Great Pangrid Ocean, and it cleansed the world. It became a world of perfect and innocent blue.

Then Nunchuck sat down upon the earth, and His weight squashed the land beneath the seas and pushed up the mountains and the lands and the valleys and plateaus.

From his heavy sighs issued forth the clouds of all kinds and shapes, pushed to and fro by His deep and godly breath. They scattered across the globe and formed the skies.

And as His sorrow waned, He looked upon this new world and He smiled and loved this new creation of His. And He wanted others to share in His wonderful creation and thus it came to pass that avatars, created in His own Image, drew life upon the grid. He created the spirits to enliven them and the World, to fill it with life and joy and happiness. And he created the Akelhians to watch over them all, and protect them and provide companionship and reassurance.

His creations, however, grew to know sadness for though they were grateful for His mercy and generosity, they only had the light of the spirits to illuminate their world. He reached into the depths of His Holy Sanctum and gave unto the world His Femur, that it might bathe the grid in light and cause His creations much joy.

It was all good.

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