Monday, August 11, 2008

The Book of Winter

Alas, after every hill is a valley. It came to pass that the avatars grew envious of the Good possessed of the world and sought to control it, the spirits, and create their own so that they may rule over all things.

The akelhians, sworn only to protect and not intervene, could but watch helplessly as the avatars squabbled and destroyed the abundance of the grid. The avatars drove the spirits from the lands which decayed into squalid sadness. When all was gone, they then sought the Femur itself, and Its Warm and Joyous Light.

But Nunchuck awoke and halted their vile plans.

"How evil My creations are, that they would seek to steal My Works." And Nhe threw Nhis Femur to a far away island, surrounded on four sides by water, Its Light never to shine over the world save for great need by Nher People.

And He blinded avatars to the Spirits and so they came to know sadness and pain and grief. One spirit, U, stole into the avatars before Nunchuck caused their blindness and this spirit kept hope and happiness inside them. All was not lost.

And He took their rulers and priests and rose them high into the sky, and burned them for eternity and thus the Sun was created which served to give light in the absence of The Femur. The Sun-bound forsaken lamented and wailed their fate, and ran across the sky forever pulling the Sun with them. Ever seeking escape, they caused the day and light, the Sun to rise and the Sun to set.

And finally, He called his Akelhians failures and stripped them of all until they were as no more than avatars. However, as they had judgement passed after the avatars, they did not receive the gift of U and so they never knew hope, only despair upon their fall and the missing light of The Femur, the Light of Nunchuck. They wandered the lands forever seeking joy but never finding it. Woe filled their souls till the end of days.

Without the Wonder of the Femur to guide them, the avatars fell into war with each other, brother against brother and innocent against innocent.

It was a world without peace.

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