Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Bold New Leader

It seems that Blue Linden is stepping down from being overseer of the Mentors. He cites too much work to continue to hold down that particular job. Hey, I understand. You have to know your limits and when you accept them, sometimes, you have to withdrawal from a few of your commitments. He's choosing to focus on some pet project of his or another, and that's good. Maybe we'll see some progress!

In his place, we are getting... drumroll... Levie Linden! No, not the jean company. I have no idea who she is. Is she one of the New Lindens that pop in lately? I suppose so. There's about three hundred or so Lindens and I can't keep track of them all at once.

Anyway, I wish her the best of luck because it seems lately the Mentors are one agitated group. They're not taking the entire 'greeter mentor' business too well.

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