Monday, October 20, 2008

New Linden Build

That new Linden Build that's nestled in Nautilus? The huge temple one with the giant purple crystal?

I swear upon Nunchuck, it's the Lindens trying to rip off of Atlantis.

Notice how there is one central canal that ends in a ring? The actual Atlantis had the same layout, only with more rings and a bit grander. Even the theme of 'giant island in the middle of the sea' is all the same. Plato is probably rolling in his grave. Trust me, read the ancient stories of Atlantis (not the modern crap about it) and then look at the Linden's 'Nautilus'. You can't tell me they aren't parallel.

Also, I'd like to humiliate the idiot Linden who named some of the seaways. "Bingo Strait"? What the hell? Couldn't they think of something a bit more normal? Bingo makes me think of dogs and the game and certainly is humourous when labeled on a sim named for Admirals. The Halsey and Farragut sims of 'bingo strait'?

P.S. I'm not capitalizing bingo strait. It doesn't deserve it.

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