Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mad Blogging

Talk about being a day late and a dollar short:

Trawling the internet, I found a post concerning 'The Big Bad Blogger Challenge'. The objective? Update every day, for a certain week in June.

Well, truth be told, I was actually a month early. Back in May '09, I attempted to write every single day of the month. Yep. It was a tremendous pain. I don't think I'll ever repeat it. The biggest problem was one that Alicia herself posits: there just simply not enough time. Sitting down, brainstorming, and spitting out a post takes at least a good hour, if not more (and I'm a reasonably fast typer, if you're slower it takes even longer).

On another interesting side note, Alicia claims posts do not need to be thought out and indeed says she herself writes it out spur of the moment and written as if conversation. This is fine, but I personally feel that a post is not a conversation.

Sending up a post is not instantaneous. This allows one the luxury of writing out, proofreading, refining, and making it presentable. It allows you to present the spark of your idea in a concise and well written manner. Readers tend to enjoy posts more; it's easier to follow and allows a clear procession through your point. This applies even to personal blogs (as opposed to 'journalists'), my random thoughts are a much better read after I've run them through a rinse cycle or two.

In addition, this filters out things that are better left unsaid. Sometimes it is just not a good idea or worth the effort to write about the horrors of, I dunno, a leather boot fetish and its effect upon the collective psyche of furry culture. Just the title of that thesis is sure to garner both drama and idiocy. Seriously, does anyone really care about boots? Or what furries think about them?

Of course, I'm no saint. I frequently commit this gravest of blogging sins (sometimes in an alcoholic stupor, too!). I know where she is coming from. But on the whole, I strive to a higher standard. And I would ask anyone also blogging to do likewise. Aside from being common courtesy, it will make one easier to read and strengthen the argument/point/etc of your post.

Unless you're blogging about blogging. Then it's alright.


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