Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Around Town

So hey, today I walked around town.

I didn't eat the billboard. But it looked so tasty.

This abandoned building is only a few blocks up from Center City. It's also about thirty stories tall. It's quite ugly.

Much nicer part of town.

Franklin Institute had this tucked away in the back.

A radio station held a small event around city hall.

City Hall is a donut shaped building. You can stand in the center and look out down the two main streets of the city. This is looking up Broad street north.

City Hall is needlessly big.

That smoke stack only looks big because it's closer than the rest of the buildings.


The River Park is crammed on a tiny slice of land between the river itself and some old industrial train tracks. For most of its stretch, the city has planted flowers to hide the fence and the tracks behind it. I guess they haven't gotten around to this part yet.

At night, the crown of this building has ads and junk rotate around the top, Times Square style.

Looking south as the river curves through the city. At night, a few of the bridges light up, too. The city really really likes LEDs.

At night, this entire building lights up. LEDs are installed on every floor. It's usually pretty gaudy.


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