Monday, August 3, 2009

Twitter Twetter

I don't use Twitter. My life (both Real and Second) is just not that interesting every minute of the day. I'm not on the cutting edge of the news. I don't explore too much and thus there's no need to report in on it. And I really do not have the time to read through someone else's twitter stream to find something to tweet about.

I'm just boring. Here's what my twitter page would look like:

-Sitting here, waiting for the bus.

-Still sitting.

-Oh damn, stuck in traffic.

-lol i'm gonna be late for work. I'm so fired.

-lunch today is a ham sandwich

-urgh, i think the ham was bad

-@DrNick no, i hope no parasites

-who knew bones were that fragile?

-anyone able to spare $6,000? It's for a good cause

-@LoanShark haha i'm onto you

-back on the bus

-more traffic -_-

-dinner today is ... take out chinese -_-

-anyone watch hell's kitchen? Ramsey invented another new curse

-@DrNick too impolite to mention over twitter

-took my meds.

-@DrNick ha freaking ha

-bedtime. tomorrow is another average day

If I included Second Life, my twitter would be just as banal, only twice as long.

-Today I managed to find that missing prim!

Twitter just isn't for me.


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