Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"There were Giants in Those Days..."

Ari talks about body shapes. I love his parting shot: "Oh, and if you see me in world and I am shorter than you [above 6' 5"], you are an Amazonian-freak-of-nature!"

All too often, I feel like a child avatar. Measuring my height is a meager five feet, ten inches. So tiny! When I first adjusted my torso sliders, I felt like I made my breasts too big. It is hard saying that with a straight face, because after three years or so of Second Life I feel small. Haha! Anna the tiny child av!

I've seen child avs the same height as me, now that I come to think about it.

I am sorely tempted to upload Munchkin tunes into Second Life as gestures.

On the other hand, the 'Amazon Freaks of Nature' only compose of about half my friends. The other half are actually average sized. And no, I'm not counting my alts. For instance, Jurin definitely 'normal'. So is Winter. Although Winter is a tad on the small side. And 'normal' is kind of subjective, there, isn't it?

As for guys, all I know is that Torvald attempted to make a 'normal' male shape. As I recall, he was very proud of it, until a guy hit on him thinking he was a woman. So he crawled into a corner and cried. He refused to come out, and we had to slide his food to him under the door. Winter suggested putting him out of his misery.

Don't worry. Torvald eventually snapped out of it. Kind of. Sorta. But we did manage to get him to move from the corner to the sofa!

One more thing before I fall asleep (I had a bunch of nightmares last night). One of the 'clues' he gave to figuring if a female avatar was transgendered was " “large hands”, “shoulders wider than hips” " This at first perplexed me. Large hands and wide shoulders? Surely such an avatar would come out looking very male. Wasn't the opposite supposed to be true? Don't men-as-women make exaggerated feminine shapes rather than more butch?

Don't worry, it is explained: "Gigantic (non-prim) ta-tas with “buoyancy” set to absolute zero, size set to maximum and shoulders widened to hold them, yet hips half the size of shoulder and short arms with large hands and a pea-sized head." Aahhhhhh... that makes sense. You know, I never really thought too much about the other exaggerations that go into making large breasts seem less out of place.

In short, avatar shapes are scary.


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