Monday, August 10, 2009

Real Life Identity

A very late post.

Dusan says words about linking SL names to RL identities. His main point claims that without the potential for anonymous avatars and those who choose to hide behind their avatars are an untapped pool of talent. In fact, the drive to link real life to Second Life may scare people away. Poor people who in an unmolested world would vastly contribute to this little world of ours.

I suppose I'm hiding behind my avatar, too.

I am Anna J Tsiolkovsky, no more, and no less.

Anna likes to chat, and it is almost always irrelevant. "What is your favorite tree?" "What does green taste like?" "Does Frank litter my lawn with cigarette butts out of stupidity or malice?" Anna deals with enough stress and serious business in real life. Second life is time to play.

For Anna thinks Second Life is a game. Partly to egg on those who say otherwise, and partly because that is how she rolls. She builds things, but rarely completes them. After all, they're just toys, to be thrown back into the box at the end of the day. Only a few times did she ever attempt to finish something and sell it. It had mixed results. Her Second Life is scattered with jokes and occasional mischef. For instance, she wonders if Jurin ever realised just who it was repositioning the statues...

She loves to fly. And drive. And float. Sure, vehicles in Second Life are broken but that's just part of the game. How far exactly can I fly before the sims (or Nunchuck, May Nher Femur Shine Forever) decide to swat me down? There is peace up there in the sky. Nothing is like watching the mainland builds, in their patchwork glory, roll across below you.

Anna is sometimes prone to nostalga. Ah, back in THOSE days. She has, after all, lived in Second Life for a considerable length of time. Certainly not as long as the true oldies, but long enough. Almost three years! Throughout it all, gaining and losing friends, and watching sims and builds and groups rise and fall. As well as the latest Linden attempt to create stability (Which only Nunchuck, through The Femur, will bring). It's been a long life.

Anna sometimes writes. It is bad. Even though friends insist it is good, it is not good. Trust my instincts and knowledge of writing and the english language. But that doesn't matter too much, because she's not looking to get published. She writes to write, and does the best job she can. Being Anna (and so being not 'real'), no one will come knocking down my door and asking what kind of drugs I was smoking to ever think to publish this drivel on the internet. And for the record, my drug of choice is alcohol.

Anna likes to read. And sometimes think. She sometimes goes to 'discussion' events (even if most of them are silly) and she reads SL blogs. She will read backlogs. She has the awesome achievement of having read through the entire archives of Prokofy's blog. Even the chat logs. She was very bored that week, indeed.

That's her second life: reading and writing and playing and chatting all in mindless fun. Real life is sad and stressful enough, so let's avoid drama, unless we're watching it. And the only regret is, that due to real life duties, she can't be around as often. ;_;

That's me. And whether you think Anna is a coward hiding behind the visage of a computer game avatar, or just an expression or extenstion of real life me into Second Life, it's all the same, isn't it?

Anna is Anna.


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Ari Blackthorne™ said...

Anna is Anna, but she is not her own person as someone else obviously speaks for her. ;)

If you speak as Anna right now, and your blog is Anna's blog, then the third-person references seem out of place. So, is Anna Anna or are *you* Anna or is Anna you?

Ah the idiosyncrocies of "reality" and the mixing of each.

/me winks.

Since you've divulged Anna's name, I can start stalking now. :P

Oh, and the "J." is a nice touch.