Saturday, January 16, 2010

NS Okasus

We followers of Nunchuck are a peaceful people. We pray to Our Lord Nunchuck for guidance and love. And to unbelievers, we extend the hand of friendship and enlightenment. Whether they accept the Truth or not is irrelevant. Nunchuck's goodness is in all and peace be with everyone.

But when the unbelievers strike at us and martyr us en masse, there but one way for us.

We convert them.

Into ash.

This is the NS Okasus. Like the figure of legend, she hides in the shadows, striking without warning to those who dare strike the faithful. Since no one has ever had the guts to go against Nunchuck, she mostly watches. Watches everything.

Like this unsuspecting harbor. Nice palm trees. They almost look fake. These guys are harmless. There's a white sailboat and some black motorboat. We planted mines just in case. And ejected some trash.

We do a lot of reconnaissance towards evening at night. Hence, the setting sun-nova (note to self: fix Windlight). Also, I nearly hit this lighthouse. Who put this ruddy thing here? We were half tempted to de-rezz it.

The scariest but most exciting job is entering an unknown harbor. It's necessary for Nunchuck's defense! Log location, depth, facilities, allegiances, any vessels present and any defenses present. Here, we can see it's something of a natural harbor. Aside from a residence and a dock, there aren't too many structures.

We have here a little sailboat. With a small cannon. Fascinating. You can tell it's just a pleasure boat, even despite the cannon, since it's this garish white. Honestly. I'm giving it the code name "White Flamingo".

Yep, all going into the log book. And once it's logged, we mine up the harbor. To wait.

So the NS Okasus slides away, back into my inventory.

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