Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hate mails!

Today I got hate mail!

"I think you r a communist stifling the free speech and expression that is our God given rights. maybe you shuld try listening to WE THE PEOPLe who do not agree with your stupid agenda. Tath's why we voted Obama in! To get rid of stupid communists like you!

And why do you hate linden labs? Oh, becuz you r a communist that is why. What is next? Are you going to hate Intel? HP? Electronic arts? Linux? Just becuz they make money that you and your pityful nobody blog canot make? Hahah

go with Christ

Oh Torvald, you card. The reason I don't allow you to be an author here is because you're a lovable doofus as evidenced by your above statement. Plus, you're a troll. You live only to attempt to piss people off. I get as little hate mail as it is, I'd rather not get less. Sorry, Torvald, no soup for you.

If anyone else would like to praise my stunning acts of communism, you can email me at:
anna.j.tsiolkovsky [at]
Go with Christ!

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