Monday, February 15, 2010

It HAS Been Said

Jessica Holyoke over at the Alphaville Herald (I refuse to link there, you'll easily find it on your own) is changing the name of her articles as she believes she's more 'Fox News' than ordinary Op/Ed of a newspaper. It's something about setting her news pieces apart from her editorials although I can't say she's ever made a distinction between the two (which she says as much in the article).

Leaving aside all that, the first piece in this new section is Jessica advocating using the gender presented by the avatar as the gender to address them as.

Golly Gee Wiz, really? Jessica, you're six years late in this basic etiquette of Second Life and more than that in the general internet sphere. People have been doing this since Phil turned the first server on. It's rare you'll ever know the gender of the person on the other end, so people naturally have relied on visual cues more than anything else (short of the person in question outing themselves).

This is what she presents as a current contentious issue. Seriously?

You want contentious, how about Linden Lab's slow tightening grip over their world? How about the slow with drawl of older players from the grid? How come no one cares when the identity of some of the newer Lindens has been revealed? Like the Herald guy who became a Linden? No one asks how long the Lindens were courting him or whether he actively engaged him? Hell if I know the answers, maybe they've been answered (I'm not no journalist).

I think if I were paid to write articles, and my job was to solely surf the Second Life grid on the look out for news stories, I'd find much more relevant and current issues among people than stupid gender assignment conventions.


Ari Blackthorne™ said...

Part of the ironic humor in it is how she thinks "OP/ED" means "Opposing Editorial" and even others think it means "Opinion Editorial" (even that is wrong).

It says a lot about so-called journalists who really aren't - you know: "title" envy and all that supposedly goes with it.

(Oh by the way, "OP/ED" means "Opposite Editorial" - as in the "opposite page from the editorial page" ... usually written by a guest writer - and I know this because I was the I.T. guy for a newspaper for 7-years.)

Anna J Tsiolkovsky said...

I'm not going to cast stones there, for years I was under the impression it stood for "Opinions & Editorials".

Then again, I don't pretend to be a journalist. Otherwise, I'd research what the damn abbreviation means. That warrants an "LOL".