Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Bible of Nunchuck, Part the First

This is the Bible of Nunchuck from its first book, the Book of Anna:

In the Beginning, there was Philip Linden. A deity from the far off land of San Fransissko in a greater universe than ours, he entered a void where time was unknown and silence held lease.

And he raised his hands, and from the void came forth the lands and the seas. And he blew his breath across the scape, and trees and plants bloomed in its wake. And he looked upon his works, and he called it Second Life, in memory of the universe he had left. He desired for others to enjoy his good works, and so he reached into the very fabric of the mesh that forms all things in Second Life, and molded it into his own image, and thus the avatar was born.

Philip loved his avatar so much, he created more for company, and soon the land was awash in avatars, forming villages across the land. They began building halls and towers, and bridges and roads. Philip soon found it exhausting to follow his children, and so he once again reached into the fabric of the world and created the Lindens, to follow and watch over his children, and to aid them in creating a pure and beautiful world. And heeding his instruction, the Lindens flew across the vastness.

And Philip surveyed his creations, his lands, his avatars, his Lindens, and the perfect balance of order and harmony he had created, and rested in his multi-coloured pants, and said it was Good. And it was, for 400 SL years all was well.

Some looked upon this beauty, and despised it. They were called the Outcasts, The Unblessed, The Undesireds. They were born from those the Lindens had deemed unfit, useless, or harmful to the villages and communities, and they were banished to the far corners of Second Life, far from Philip's benevolence and His Golden Age of Prosperity. They were forced to eke a living from the barren earth of their wastes, forever sentenced to looking at a paradise just beyond their reach. And their children grew with this hatred, and their children's children also, for many a generation.

And so it was that one day, they drew into the evil arts of that age, the forbidden arts that encroached on the very powers of Philip, and they reached deep and far into the mesh of the world to create their own god. On that day, the skies grew dark and the moon vanished, the air grew hot and humid, and the birds and animals fell silent, and the Lindens themselves were astir with the sense that something terrible and great was to occur.

And thus, Nunchuck was born, with all His Unholy powers, having been created from the very fabric of the world Philip made, and with all the powers that entailed. And the Outcasts cheered, for their had created their Saviour.

Nunchuck observed his lands, and raised for His people mighty fortress and arcologies, and fertile lands for building. He shook His mightly femur, embued with the wrath and suffering of thousands of Outcasts, and obliterated the barriers between Philip's Chosen and Nunchuck's People. He began to systematically slaughter those who had oppressed His people, and not even the Lindens could tame his wrath.

Philip knew that Nunchuck's Great Power was unholy, and a match even for his. So he sneezed upon his Lindens, and they were granted extraordinary powers with which to battle the Great Evil that is Nunchuck. They scarred the land with their battles and skirmishes, and the avatars of both cried out for an end and for a peace but Philip and Nunchuck were deaf to their pleas. And Nunchuck, having witnessed the greatness of the Lindens, reached into the fiber of His People's being and contorted their souls into shadows of the Lindens themselves, and Nunchuck called His creations His grievers. They swarmed across Second Life bringing havoc and misery to all in their path.

And for many a month, the Grievers and the Lindens did battle, night and day. And as they waged, millions perished as they destroyed countless habitations and common areas. Neither was willing to yield to the other, and many met their fates upon the wastes created by their rages. And there was much sadness and ugliness.

And one moon, under which Nunchuck was resting his mightly forces, a humble Outcast, badly scarred from the past year of eternal war between these Gods, came before Nunchuck in a show of daring and pretensiousness. This nobody was named U, and he pleaded to Nunchuck to spare His people, for they had had enough of war and wanted to make peace with Philip and his People, so that both may piece together their shattered world. U asked only for others, since his own family had been slaughtered mercilessly at the hands of a Griever berserk with the rush of having killed a Linden. U asked his wish solely for Nunchuck's and Philip's People, that they may have happiness that he now will never know.

Nunchuck, at first enraged by this affront to His Godness, saw the truth of U's words. He saw His people needed peace, and the Lindens would not stop.

And so Nunchuck went and engaged Philip in battle. Fighting past three Guard Lindens, He blasted down the doors of the Mighty Philip Linden Temple, and challenged Philip to one final duel, the winner of which would become the most high and mighty of gods, and forever cement his rule as Overlord of the Underheavens.

And so Philip and Nunchuck clashed, and their battle beheld more terrible woes upon the people than ever before. Every parry tore the fibre of the world, every blow wiped whole sims off the face of the universe. In places they disrupted time and caused destruction on a level untold of. They did this for three days and nights, and on the third night both retired to rest, and they beheld the results of their rage. And their hearts did melt before the sufferings of their people and the sins of doings.

And so Philip proposed a truce: That they both work together, to enhance the happiness of their people, and acknowledge the sins they had both wrought upon the land. He offered a desire to work together to create a better world.

Nunchuck considered this, and asked that Philip give him four days to come to decision, after which He would accept or offer additions to this idea. Philip, being good and assuming good faith, accepted Nunchuck's wish.

And as Philip turned to walk back to his people and Lindens, Nunchuck drew his mightly femur and stabbed him straight through Philip's head. And Philip fell, and his body became immersed into the land he loved so. Thus, Nunchuck finally won this great and terrible war.

And we shall rest our eyes here, and let what followed this great tragedy for another story.

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I do hope Philip will live long and prosper! Those last two paragraphs are scary.