Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Treatise on the State of the SLunion

I met three new friends at Bear today

all typing

it was kinda like old times

Are you sure they just weren't humouring you? Or so new they didn't know about voice?

No they were new but new about and didnt like voice

I wonder why.

one of those news was a knew

In fact, one of them is online, Im gonna invite her over

youll like her

'cept shes not responding ATM

Probably away or busy

Yup, guess so

Or so lagged out that she cannot respond

Which has happened to me on occasion

yeah me too

Anything cool been going on with you?

I was building an engraving. It's coming along a little slow, but it is almost 50% finished

I'm going to plaster it onto somewhere

Thats the kind answer I expected from you! ha ha

It just dawned on me that you can chat via the IM window now

With voice? Yes

Not sure if I like having that window open

the chat is see thru

the window isnt

I haven't upgraded yet, but I do remember the chat window being unnecessarily big and bulky from First Look.

Tere definitely is more stuff than you can have on the screen at one time

That was one of the hard things to get used to

It's going to reach a point where it will be a laggy Myspace page, with an itty bitty window to see something that looks like avatars interacting in someplace. You won't be able to see it clearly, it'll be so small

I hope the hell not

Its too damned gimmicky as it is

You can already publish your profile to the web, among other things.

It probably won't get that bad.

After all, if you can't see your land, you won't buy it, and land and tier are 3/4 of LL's revenue.

Uh huh

The other 1/4 is dreams and lies.

and Fairy dust, dont forget fairy dust

How could we? Torley is always reminding us about it!

Or, as Torley once eloquently put it, "Woozerpazoozer, roflcoptors Loolzoorama! "

Wow it gives me a headache to read that.

And that is the face of Linden Lab

I can honestly say I havent met a Linden who seemed pleased to met me

"Torley, are the Lindens doing anything at all concering the horrendous lag and crashing we go through daily, if not hourly?" Torley:"Wowzers, that sounds :(( sad muy sad. But I'm not a codeing monkey, so youll have to ask Ben or Phil or someone else."

Essentially said to me "Well, we'd care about what you say, but you're new to SL and also not a paying customer so eat your gruel and like it"

I'm waiting for Philip to say something like "Crashing Builds Character"

ha ha

I was on the roof with you that time, when we partyed on top of that Linden's home


she should have joined the party

lighten up for fucks sake

Funny thing is that she was a liason who is supposed to be, you know, intermingling with the residents

They all waltz thru like they dont care at all

We're all just guinea pigs in a cage to them

Why doesnt one of them hang out at bear for an hour?

They observe as they provide various stimuli

They don't even have to log in to observe us, they can shift through chat logs

are conversations recorded?

Frankly, at this point, if one of them DID hang out at Bear, I'd suspect something was up. Something like "Hay Guys, fun here isn't it? Guess what's cooler, we're shutting down SL tomorrow! Nice meeting yous! LOL"

They do record logs of chat, because they've used it to ban griefers on occasion


But not IMs?

IMs as well

An expectation of privacy thing?

Illusion of privacy is more like it

If that is true, that upsets me

I can see chat... that takes place out in the open

But IMs are, rather obviously, private messages

But recording IMs in an invasion of privacy


How do you know they do that?

Because I've had friends on the receiving end of such things

"Don't be silly. I'm IMing my friends who are griefing, the Lindens won't be able to pin it on me LOL"

Do they actually permanently ban people?

Another time a Linden all but implied they watch all the key holes on every door

I mean, Chrome usd an alt to nuke a whole sim 5 times

and the alt got banned for one week

Yes, they have a variety of bans, from simple account blocking to blocking entire IPs or specific hard drives permanently

They up the ante for each offense

Makes me wonder what you have to do to get banned for good


Crash the entire grid

Knock it out, for more than an hour

Wake up the next day, Suprise! Perma Ban!

unless you move

or buy a new comp

But the Lindens assume you'll be too lazy to do that

This talk is depresing me

I cant type tonight

It's the sad state of our SLworld

State of the Slunion address

Also, your ban depends upon what you crash

Crashing sandboxes, no one cares. Crash a company's island, or Anshe Chung's islands, or anyone with clout, and watch the fireworks fly

Eh, Im tired of all this

I'm just tired.

I'm going to log off.

Im beginning to see trouble coming for LL if things dont improve

Sorry about discussing such a sordid and depressing topic. And trouble is already brewing. The SL economy is slugging down, land prices are down, sign ups are dropping, and always, at the fringe, the griefers wait, with their hideous appetite for destruction.

Ah, this ugly and beautiful world of ours!

You should write horror movie promos

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