Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Great Evils, Part the Second

Firstly, I shall test your knowledge of our previous lecture.

If you encounter a pack of ageplayers, how do you respond?

A) Engage them in polite conversation, and offer friendship to them. After all, they are just human beings like the rest of us and not demon spawn.

B) Abuse Report them mercilessly as you run away, and hope the Lindens vanquish this vile and terrible blot upon Second Life

C) Put your head between your knees and kiss your buttocks goodbye.

The answer will be revealed at the bottom.

Now, we shall proceed to the next of our Great Evils of Second Life, The Griefer.

Figure .1 A Male Common Griefer (Avatarius nunchuckarus minora)

The Griefer can take many a form, but it is most distinguished by its often unusual and flamboyant appearance, varying widely depending upon the subspecies of the observed griefer. Observe Figure 1. Notice that this particular griefer has taken the form of an extremely thin and frail male, with a large 'package' and a massive mane perched atop his head, which houses a pair of chameleon eyes and a slender long nose. This is only a singular example, and each griefer chooses a different form or style depending, again, upon subspecies and local culture.

The griefer is most noted for being the most dangerous of all the Great Evils in existence. They should never be approached, for the slightest gust of breeze or careless comment can set them off into a fearful rage the likes of which few if any have survived. A pack of griefers, commonly called a 'raid', will stalk their range of about four or five connected sims, prowling for one which seems to give offense. Upon finding their hapless prey, the raid zeroes in and proceeds to unleash their unholy power upon the individual, and they divide his flesh amongst themselves. Griefers are amongst the most cleverest of SL's fauna and so can use a large variety of tools to enable them to accomplish their foul tasks.

Figure.2: A Suited Griefer (Avatarius nunchuckarus kryptos) dissolving an avatar into the ground

If all their evil was focused upon their prey, the world would sigh but for relief. But being they are the most vile and evil of Philip's creatures, it is unfortunate that in their hunts they and their tools oft destroy many in the vicinity and sometimes entire grids. Rumours persist of species that in the past were powerful enough to bring the SL world to its knees when hunting and attacking their prey. It is most fortunate that such is the stuff of legends and nothing more!

There is no method of stopping the griefer, no matter the species, once they have engaged in their hunt or assault their prey. Only those most high, a Linden, can manage to take down a raid. Do not trust anyone claiming to be 'SL police' or 'Anti Griefer Mercs', not because such avatars are not to be trusted but because of a recent species (Avatarius nunchuckarus kryptos) that can imitate a normal avatar. If you see a griefer, and you cannot run, then one should be very still, and watch one's words very carefully, for the wrath of a griefer is easily provoked. If one does not respond the griefer or raid will lose interest and usually move on. This is worst case. In all other options, please teleport or run away along with any loved ones. Leave the dragons to the dragon hunters, as they say

The Answer is B. Never engage a pack of ageplayers, either by yourself or with friends. That is what Lindens are for.

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