Monday, February 18, 2008

Blotter Break-Down

I found the police blotter. It is now the "Incident Management Report" which I suppose better reflects the purpose and aim of the page. Instead of the usual format, I decided to go Microsoft Excel on y'all and load up some graphs I generated from the blotter reports, detailing 49 incidents over the course of February 16-18, 2008.


This pie chart displays the breakdown of the Violation Type. Alts is the improper usage of alternative avatars, which entails using them as an anonymous harrasser and putting in improper info on the sign-up page.

We can see that the clear majority of the bunch is Assault, followed by Disturbances and Harassements, and the rest make up the last quarter or so.

MORE PIE MORE PIEAnd here we have a pie chart of the actions taken against these violations. One day suspensions predominate, Warnings making up another third and the remaining quarter involving the rest of the actions.

There is a problem interpreting these two pie charts, though. While they look very pretty, they really don't tell us much, do they? They tell us volumes of each set of data but otherwise are fairly useless. I'd figure assault would be the top of the number of violations, and so on. Which is why I cooked up this last chart:


Voila! A breakdown of actions taken per type of violation! Dark blue is Assault, red Disturbances, green Harassment, purple Alts, cyan Indecency, and Orange Intolerance. Sounds like breakfast cereal

We can see Intolerance and Alt Abuse land you pretty heavy judgements, as both almost always result in 7+ day suspensions. Disturb and Assault all you like as the worst you will likely get is a 3 day vacation. Indecency can be lumped in there too. Harassement, that's a mixed bag, as some infractions are merely warned and other result in seven day bans. Since the overwhelming majority of Harassment warnings concerned Ad Farms, I wouldn't risk it.

Here you can view the graphs in a non-Blogger molested resolution.

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