Sunday, March 16, 2008


Madison and I were goofing around per usual and bought an 80-90 meter long airship dubbed the NS Deukalin (or something along those lines).

This thing is 263 prims. It has about six rooms: A main reception room, two bedroom/observation rooms, a hallway between those three, a maintenance room on the top for access to the balloons, and an engineering/cargo space on the bottom. Six engines propel this massive beast across the skies, and it needs a helmsman, a navigator, and an inflight engineer to do so. There is no limit on its capacity, but it starts with seating for three in the cockpit. More can be added if the rooms are furnished.

Did I mention this thing can actually fly? It crawls along looking for all the world like a metal caterpillar but it flies in one piece and doesn't look half bad doing so. Madison and I flew it across the Russian continent (they call it the 'Japanese' continent but the names are all Russian). We kept to the open sea Linden sims along the coastline, just as I do with my airplanes, to avoid banlines and full parcels.

And so we cruised, admiring the beach houses and yachts people placed out. There was minor trouble as our tail was shot off as we tried to break into Mia and Bree's hide-out, but we managed to keep it together. We were finally done in when we hit a full parcel (the ocean ran out and we had to make a land crossing). The cockpit kept chugging along until it finally fell out of the sky and crashed.

I think I like blimps more than airplanes now. They move much slower, so I can chat and fly at the same time without worrying whether I'm going to smack into the broad side of someone's house or marina. Moving slower lets it cross sims easier and lets objects rezz, meaning I crash into something far less and can enjoy the actual view. And for this particular vehicle, it can hold multiple people on a cruise to hell.

If I'm inworld, feel free to IM me and I'll give you a ride. I swear it's completely worth it, and if we do crash, it's also good for a few chuckles.

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