Saturday, May 17, 2008

Knowledge Home Plate

My quick takes on the latest in the Second Life blog:

On server notifications! First, I should say that I have a low opinion of Kate's experiments during her office hours. A lot of it is plain stupid. Do megaprims lag a server? How do I see FPS? Blah blah blah. They obviously don't do much because hardly anyone cares when they're used. "Oh people bitch about them!" Big surprise. If it wasn't mega prims or whatever else, they'd pick something. That's humans for you. But I digress.

I agree with the comments who point out that these server notices are pointless and annoying. I have no control what version my server is running on (I guess with islands you might have a choice, I dunno). If I wanted to test anything on a different version I'm sure there are appointed sand boxes. Kate helpfully points out where to find the info on the server version you're running, without realizing that no one cares. I should say the majority of people don't care. It's another non-issue brought forth by Kate Linden. I'm sure it's not up to her to do these pointless tasks, but I'd complain if I was her.

Comment "Commie" Award: To fanboy, and his grand love letter to Kate. I was laughing with tears in my eyes. It certainly broke the usual complaining whining comments that seem to overtake each comments sections. Kudos to fanboy for taking comments to a whole new direction.

On passwords and spam! Some may lambaste the Lindens for posting this, but to be honest, people really can be stupid. There's no other word for it. Don't alarm bells go off when someone asks for your password? C'mon! Unfortunately, for various reasons, people fall for these scams and the hosts such as Linden Lab have to constantly remind everyone to not be a sucker. JP Linden could have been a little more tactful but honestly, I whole heartily agree with his general tone.

Has anyone read "Pearls before Swine"? Their idiot convention stories come to my mind. I don't think anyone 'deserves' to have their password stolen but it certainly makes me wonder sometimes.

Commie Award: #22, by Argent Stonecutter. I'm sure it's relevant somehow, but seeing what appears to be at first glance a giant addition problem made me giggle. It was certainly different from the truckload of "hehe, stupid people", "hehe, let me offer my own advice", "what does the name of the post mean/cracks about the spam itself", and "SL doesn't work u sux!".

Torley spams Ivory Tower of Prims! Torley runs videos, tutorials of sorts. Today, in lieu of actually planning out some tips or whatever, it seems like he just advertises the Ivory Tower. His own table of contents:

00:37 - Find the Ivory Tower!
02:35 - Explore the Ivory Tower!
08:45 - Visit the sandbox next door!
09:27 - YOU can build!"

I am certain that at least one of his previous videos touched upon building and through youtube could have been easily linked. Why not just spam everyone with a landmark to it? Cut out this video middleman. The video only serves to illustrate that it does, indeed, exist.

He also mentions a chat log about some meeting. Chat logs are boring to me. I cut and crop mine to relevant material, but not many other people do. It's annoying reading and trying to follow a SL conversation because while in world you can witness the various conversations go on and you can intuitively block them; in a chat log in Real Life you can't and so you have to read through each inane comment. Plus, it's boring, like reading an encyclopedia. In world I can IM someone and bear out the chatter, especially when it's drifted and I don't care for the current topic.

And he informs us that he'll mention the version in which he filmed his tutorial. Great. Wonderful. It'll guarantee him work as he cycles through topics over and over again as LL changes the features around. Rare, perhaps, but one never quite knows when they'll throw a wrench into the works and rip apart a feature. Look at the 'communication' window, or the new search. So it's good and will keep those who actually watch these videos in the loop.

Commie Award: #3, Ewan Mureaux. Discussing the pressing issue of SL road rules. I vote for right side of the road, being an American. ^_^

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Torley said...

Yup: it's definitely promoting one of the most useful, venerable building resources in Second Life.

I'm overjoyed whenever I hear someone has heard about/from the Ivory Tower!

Thanx again for taking the time to mention my video tutorials... and if you have requests which you feel would be very useful to you and your friends, let me know! Email me direct, torley at lindenlab dot com