Monday, May 5, 2008

Indiana Juran and The Secret of Flickr

Today, for lack of anything better to do, I think I will go and rip some photos off of Jurin's Flickr page. Jurin is quite the adventurer who isn't so bad with (virtual?) photography. Personally, I suggested that Jurin go and found her own photo blog, but I was met with "Not for me!". Naturally that means I have to take up the mantle and hot link a bunch of photos! Before a million copyright lawyers descend upon me, I'd like to point out that I have linked to Jurin above, and also that I have not asked permission first. Hmm, perhaps I should not have let slip that last part.

Cool Orchestra

Jurin claims this is an orchestra, and I can only imagine the sim owner claims the same. All I know is that now I'm going to have nightmares of Oompa-Loompa Bishops, all staring at me with their judging eyes. OH THEIR EYES.

On second thought, they aren't really looking at the camera. Looks more like they're asleep. Probably plotting their next victim. Maybe electing the next pope of the Holy Willy Wonka Catholic Church.

Pride of Egypt

A throne fit for a Pharoh. Judging from all the rainbows, I suspect the pharoh who erected this throne was either a leprechaun or gay. The entire thing appears to be on stage. "Comedy Hour, starring Ramses the Third!"

"Hey, you're a great crowd. Now, what is the deal with The Nile? What, it hasn't moved onto anger yet?" Cue the Seinfeld sound clip and computer synthesized audience laughter.

Sunset City

Ever see the City of Phoenix, in Arizona? This is almost a dead ringer in terms of architectural styles. Honey bunches of block buildings. It's that new style of American downtowns, where the buildings ain't that high and are rather monotonous. Not implying that is a bad thing, nobody said cities have to be giant art comments of architects.

I think the true beauty arises from Windlight and the way the sunset frames each building. You know what I think when I see this? I'm thinking it's Friday afternoon, I've just punched the clock in my office, and this is the view while I'm waiting for the elevator. You can even see that there's no traffic, because I've worked overtime and everyone already went home, probably down the shore in this season but the mountains in the background along with the trees give me a vibe that this town is a long way from a sunny beach.

The Juggler

Jurin juggling. Just jumps off the tongue, jiving about like an Irish jig.

There's an invisible christmas tree to her left, and I'm sure that red ball is about to be dropped. You can even see her looking at that red ball, in a resigned sort of way. It's okay. You've gotten farther than I ever have in juggling. Damn gravity.

Columbus 1492

"More bears :P" is the comment Jurin supplied, and indeed, you can just make out the little critters. A grizzly Columbus, just landing on a brave new world of Native bears (who knows, red pandas?). I guess the Nina and Pinta didn't survive the voyage. Santa Bearia did.

Damn Dragons

Dragons in a wing of three. I guess magic is holding them up, because I see no visible means of support. One has to wonder what they are up to, because a single dragon is bad news enough. Imagine a swarm of three descending upon your hapless sim.

The lag would be horrible, for one.

I'm a pinball in there somewhere

A Second Life pinball machine. Incredible. From the comments, I assume that an avatar is the pinball. In pictures like these, I like to notice the backgrounds. There's an ice castle, a giant robot decked with what appears to be red wings, and a small village of shacks and things. There is only one conclusion.

This is a theme park in a third world country. The rich Americans go the park, while the huddled masses build shanty towns around the gates (or lack thereof in this photo) while the common folk work earning peanuts and two cents a day in the park shoveling the cigarette butts from the morons inconsiderate enough to just throw them on the ground when the trash bin is three feet away and the cigarette tower (the little spike looking things you're supposed to dispose butts in) is six INCHES away. I mean, sweet Jesus, does it really take that much effort to chuck them in the bin, Jack?? Do you really have to litter my lawn? It didn't look crappy enough for you as it is, you have to go and attempt to burn it with your disgusting habits? I'm going to install tasers in the ground, and when you come near they'll trigger and shock you. Then, I'll drag your body onto YOUR lawn. How's that, Mr Too Good To Dispose My Cigarettes Properly? Stupid morons. Smoking is bad for you anyway, and bad with second-hand smoke to others, the least you could do is just throw your garbage where it belongs instead of making my lawn, and by extension my city, state, nation, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, cluster, and universe uglier. Thanks a lot.

Oh, uh, so anyway, I'll bet the avatars who ride that thing get real sick.

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jurin juran said...

lol Anna, i DO have some better pictures than those! feel free to comment on any of em. i love your writing style, never stop :)