Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank You Dirk

Throw a few bucks at real people to build the community. It is important. New residents when welcomed and encouraged properly rent our land, buy our clothes and furniture, become interested in our art, become inspired to improve their education and enroll in a class. They find likeminded residents to discuss their griefs and illnesses with. They find strength and use that newfound strength to uplift others. They bring their imaginations and skills with them and challenge us with new creations and ideas... and they do it all without borders or boundaries.
-Dirk Talamasca, on Prokofy's blog

Yes! Yes! Oh yes Yes! Dead on! On the button! Getting the newbies together and getting them involved: bingo, right on the head of the nail. That's what increases retention. I can summarize it right here:

"Build the community. It is IMPORTANT. New residents when welcomed and encouraged properly [continue on to stay invovled in SL activites]."

This is what I have said before, in a concise and neat paragraph. Thank you, Dirk. I feel validated now.

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