Monday, June 9, 2008

First Life Jira

Today, in First Life, I went to FL Jira to report a few bugs. I felt these bugs were in urgent need of attention. Just in case, I made sure to send a copy to the President, God, Jesus, and Nunchuck in the hopes someone will fix these issues.

SVC-616: Humanity having tendency to launch into war, crashing many accounts

VWR-034: Inguinal region prone to herniation by intestines

SVC-2994: Am unable to fly

VWR-2995: Attaching HUD interface to eye causes blindness, relog does NOT fix

SVC-2284: Water sometimes condenses from the sky, ruining sunsets and getting things wet

MISC-8737: How do I file a JIRA?

SVC-6505: Weapons cause injury in a clearly marked no damage zone

VWR-909: Unable to log out, when attempted account stalls and does not respond, have to force quit

SVC-897: Memory load of First Life viewer increases over time, eventually culminating in memory loss

VWR-773: First Life viewer does not work on current Mac and Linux OS, does not install! WTF, LL?! GET ON THIS LISTEN TO ME YOU ARE LOSING THE MAC COMMUNITY

SVC-856: Still not able to breathe in water

SVC-215: Vehicles still require fuel

SVC-19142: still not able to teleport, have to directly walk off current sim

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Chance Abattoir said...

Some of these have been resolved on the First Life Release Candidate.