Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Torley II

Torley read my blog and commented upon it!

I feel honoured. At the very least, I have an idea now why Torley tends to be upbeat. As he says,

"... When you're in the dirt without an umbrella, gotta keep digging. :)"

I guess if I worked for Linden Lab, I'd be like that too under the soul-crushing experience of breaking things constantly while everyone sends you hate mail decrying that you broke some object of theirs when you have no control over that.

That reminds me. I read one of the recent blog posts, and someone made about the same point I did (that Torley is more or less useless as a Linden) but went to a different extreme. While I think Torley just has a sucky job, this one commenter went on to explicitly say, "I DO NOT LIKE YOU".

Jesus, people, can't you separate the person from their job? I'll give Torley credit: for all the bashing I do about him like a high school bully, he certainly never gets rude. He didn't barge through here and say "go to hell" (I would have). He's a very nice guy. But I don't like the job he does. And I'm sure he doesn't like the job I do, namely nit-picking him to death and criticizing his each and every word. But I don't hate him and he probably doesn't me (to be fair, he has only met me maybe once and through this blog, so he probably doesn't even know I exist. Although, he commented here, so he must have a cursory idea that I exist otherwise he wouldn't have known where to find me).

So yeah, outright hatred is bad, yeah?

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