Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vote for Bob

My dear readers, I have been often pressured with a crazy idea that is completely unreasonable. This idea is that I should be a Linden.

First off, we all know that if that happened, the universe would implode upon itself. It would be like dividing by zero and getting 4 as an answer. Or developing a working perpetual motion machine. Or finding out that this entire universe is but some person's dream and your existence depends on them not waking up, but then they find out and they wake up and everyone dies. It's just not possible. It's impossible by the laws of the internet universe.

Second, I would make a terrible Linden. Imagine all my hatred and bile directed at residents, as M would certainly direct me at? Or worse: imagine the twisted love child between a theoretical Anna Linden and Torley Linden. Anley? Tornna? All of my ideals and hopes and dreams would be knocked down and recast as some horrible undead shell of myself, talking about how it's all the residents' fault OpenSpaces were destroyed. I am too weak to resist such power as Linden Lab wields.

Third, I would have no private life anymore. Talk to some of the Lindens and they'll tell you not to IM them inworld because they're already so flooded with chat and objects and requests and such. Too much white noise. I'm too lazy and bored to turn off 'see my online status' for all my friends, plus they get angry when I actually am on. I really don't want that on a grid-wide scale. I like my private little corner of Second Life and my private little blog in which I can complain and write my private little thoughts.

But, there is one man who would probably be worthy. And that man is Bob. Vote for Bob for Linden. Bob would make an awesome Linden. As he notices, he really cannot do worse or be less qualified than the most recent string of newly minted Lindens.

Bob Bunderfeld 2009 : Change We Can Download

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