Saturday, December 19, 2009

Health Insurance and Me

Around the end of the year, I'll be too old to continue coverage under my mother's plan. Yes, I had to dare venture into the world and sign up with someone to make sure I don't add hospital bills to my already crushing debt of student loans.

I'm finding people are reluctant to cover me. I suspect some of it is due to my epilepsy. I've had to go to my neurologist about three times to get him to sign off on each form that yes, I do have it, yes, I am medicated for it, yes, I have it under control, everything's fine, I just need the freakin' meds, please STOP.

It had been some time since my application and they stopped bugging me about confirmation on this that and the other and I was kind of worried something bad was up. I kind of need this, yeah, and the idea of paying full price on the medicines I take wasn't good. On the other hand, as an afterthought, paying the bill monthly isn't so good either, but still slightly cheaper.

And lo, today my hopes were confirmed, and I am now officially covered again. Ah, sweet relief. Now I just need to ask for a raise so I can afford the monthly bill I'm about to be slapped with. Such is life.

So good news!


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