Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's Look at NPIRL

Apparently, there's some buzz or what not about Not Possible in Real Life leaving Second Life, or changing their business direction, or passing the baton to another leader, or one of any multitude of reasons that so much drama is kicked up in Second Life like dirt in your eyes.

Anyway, today me and my dear friends (read: alts) are going to muse over the multitude of photos available on Bettina Tizzy's flickr profile photo stream, since she's the ringleader or something. There's probably ninety different kinds of laws we're breaking, but part of the fun in life is risking your legal neck.

Flying pig

Torvald: How is this not possible in real life?
Winter: Explain
Torvald: In real life, I can go to a forest, blow up some balloons and decorate them as pigs and hang them from trees. Cue one 'possible in real life'.
Anna: You're going to spend each opportunity to examine how this could all be real life, aren't you?
Torvald: It's a challenge. They've challenged me. The gauntlet is down.
Winter: You are sure to lose.
Torvald: Like hell. I watched Thumbelina last night. Anything is possible if you follow your heart.
Anna: Thumbelina wasn't on TV last night.
Torvald: Uh, yes it was.
Winter: No
Anna: No
Torvald: Seriously, it was.
Anna: I'm checking TV guide, and no, it wasn't.
Torvald: Anyway, Anything is possible!
Winter: Divide by zero.
Torvald: OK, watch this:
Torvald: 4/0 = fjdklafjsdlkfjds
Torvald: Ta ha!
Winter: That is not a valid solution.
Torvald: You never said I had to arrive at a valid solution!
Anna: No, I think asking to divide by zero implies that a valid solution is needed. Kind of like how when I ask how you're doing, I expect 'good' or 'bad' and not 'blue' or 'chestnuts'.
Winter: Yes.
Torvald: Too bad. I answered it fair and square!
Winter: ...

enduring statue

Torvald: Oh come on! You're making this waaay too easy.
Winter: Explain.
Torvald: It's not that difficult to stick a statue in a waterfall.
Anna: NO! Check that flying pink heart!
Torvald: Anti-gravity. In the near future.
Anna: No no no, if you pull that card, anything is possible.
Torvald: Hello? That's what I've been saying!
Anna: Back to the matter at hand! I think the best title is... "Love is Blind?"
Winter: Why a statue? Why a waterfall?
Anna: To symbolize our imbedded beliefs in romance and sexuality, how they restrain us. Waterfall = latent homosexuality.
Torvald: Where'd you get that?
Anna: Well, c'mon. It's a waterfall.
Torvald: Oh? Oh, ok. So Torvald can't have his crazy notion of real life possibilites, but you get free license on any kind of symbolism?
Anna: Well, what else would a waterfall symbolize?
Torvald: Ok, I'm going with my own vein. This guy finds true love and happiness not in material possessions as evidenced by his forest romp, not in the beauty of the scenery around him as evidenced by his blindfold, but love from the heart itself.
Anna: First off, how is that any different than my interpretation??
Anna: Second, it's a woman.
Torvald: No, it's a very androgynous guy.
Anna: She has breasts.
Torvald: I know a guy with breasts.
Anna: Name seven. Who are below 200 pounds.
Torvald: All guys have nipples. We all have breasts.
Anna: sigh. Listen. It's quite clear this is a woman. A very slim figure. Long hair. Breasts. A dress.
Torvald: Ahem. Large feet and hands. That is a dude's chin if I ever saw one. It's a toga, not a dress.
Winter: Eunuch
Torvald: Anna, I think you are falling into classical gender stereotypes. Just because someone decides to wear a toga, it makes them a chick?
Anna: I'm sexist? You just called her a chick.
Torvald: So? I revel in my sexism.
Winter: Eunuch.
Anna: Winter, eunuch are castrated men. This is clearly a woman.
Torvald: Man.
Anna: Whatever.
Winter: Perhaps we should ask its name?
Anna: That makes too much sense.
Torvald: I like flinging accusations of sexism and pointless arguments more than finding facts.
Anna: Did you just make a sly politically incorrect jab there? It wasn't funny.
Torvald: *whistling*

snow globe

Torvald: Acid trip. That's all I have to say.
Winter: Anna, this could be in real life.
Torvald: Wait, wait. Stop. Let me savor this. Winter agreed with me.
Winter: Broken clocks... right twice a day.
Torvald: Shh. I'm busy savoring.
Winter: You did not say this could be in real life. Just that it was an acid trip. I do not agree with your acid trip interpretation.
Torvald: My goal through all these photos is to determine how they are totally possible in real life, you agreed this one was, therefore I win.
Winter: ...
Winter: You're right.
Torvald: Whoa.
Anna: I think the Devil just put on a sweater.
Torvald: Twice? In the same topic?
Torvald: My world is just being rocked here.
Torvald: I want to make sure I'm dreaming.
Torvald: Winter. Me. You. My place. Hot love.
Winter: Death penalty.
Torvald: Oh, this shit again. It wasn't a joke. Seriously. Let's get to it.
Anna: Torvald, you should probably can it. You've used up your politically incorrectedness for today.
Torvald: Winter, I long for thee. My bed hath always a spot for thee, my maiden...
Winter: Creepy.
Anna: Creepier when you realize he's practically our brother.
Torvald: If lovin' Winter is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Anna: Stop being cheezy and get back to the point.
Torvald: Ok mom. Jeez.
Torvald: You're just upset I wouldn't sleep with you.
Anna: Excuse me? You did NOT just GO THERE.
Winter: He did.
Winter: You are dead, Torvald.
Winter: I will always remember you.
Winter: I have a tombstone for you.
Torvald: Let's get back to topic quickly and maybe she'll forget.
Winter: Anna is like an elephant. Never forgets.
Anna: And NOW I'm an elephant? Anyway else you want to insult me? Am I dumb as a box of bricks?
Winter: ...
Torvald: ...
Anna: I don't like this silence.
Anna: For the record, I think a picture box and a snowglobe are totally possible in real life.
Torvald: 2-0! I score! I rule, you drool, haha!

Chibi doll

Winter: Anime.
Torvald: Manga.
Anna: I'd just lump it all into creepy eyes.
Anna: Those eyes are the kind of eyes I see in my nightmares.
Winter: Is it an avatar?
Torvald: Maybe. The title is "Yabusaka Loon at Chakryn".
Winter: A tiny avie?
Torvald: Bingo.
Anna: Oh Nunchuck, I can't do this anymore. I'm getting nightmares looking at it.
Torvald: hehe, Prepare for a surprise tomorrow.
Torvald: I'm going to paste this and other Manga style eyes all over your house and email inbox.
Torvald: Have fun staying awake at night with those eyes penetrating into your soul.
Anna Tsiolkovsky has logged off. Your message has been saved.
Torvald: Ha, 3-0! I am on fire!
Winter: Pain is sure to follow tomorrow.
Torvald: Yeah, but today I'm on top. And I'm making the most out of it.
Torvald: That avatar is slightly pigeon toed.
Torvald: And you can see every crease on each prim.
Torvald: God, it's hideous. It's gonna give me nightmares.
Winter: Yabusaka is going to find and kill you.
Torvald: What? I'm just pointing out the obvious.
Torvald: That tiny would probably sneak into the house, crawl up into my bed, and...
Torvald has logged off.
Winter: I win.


Anna: We've agreed not to mention ... it... ever again.
Torvald: Agreed.
Winter: Seconded.
Anna: Back on track. I think this is Bettina Tizzy herself.
Torvald: I'd hit that.
Anna: You say that, we get angry with you,
Torvald: I know. That's why I do it.
Torvald: That Bird's Nest hair... Taunt youthful skin... great rack...
Anna: Torvald, this isn't the time or place for your porn fantasies.
Torvald: Hey, you asked me to help. I'm helping.
Anna: I asked you to help me talk about these pictures, not indulge in your wet dreams.
Winter: This is a family friendly blog?
Anna: After this, not anymore.
Torvald: 4-0! I remain undefeated!
Torvald: "Doctor, I got this pulsation in my femoral sheath. Can you take a look?"
Torvald: "I'm an organ donor. Need anything?"
Torvald: "Put away that Viagra prescription, I'm totally cured. Let me prove it..."
Anna: Shut up. Shut up. Just... shut up.
Winter: Anna is angry.
Anna: This looks like a very weird place. We have some kind of pressure cooker or iron lung, cigarette buts, a trendy skull, a strange tango scene which has captured the attention of another avatar, a multi-patterned floor, and standing amidst all this is Lucy's doctor booth.
Torvald: Pile of junk.
Anna: Yeah, kind of like your room.
Torvald: Hey, all this junk, if that sweet babe was there, I wouldn't care.
Torvald: Me, Bettina, Winter. Anna, if you chilled out and stopped being so chill, we could have a nice orgy.
Anna: What is with all the sex tonight? What's gotten into you?
Torvald: You, baby. Now let me totally into you.
Anna: sigh. You poor sad little man.
Winter: Death.
Anna: No, he's to be pitied. He's a prisoner to his own fantasies. Sadly, he will never realise his social life slowly fading away as he sits in his room attempting to lure three women into his pants. Three women who have zero interest in him.
Anna: So sad.
Winter: Sad.
Torvald: Jeez, I'm just kidding.
Torvald: But seriously guys. Bettina. Smokin'!

oh my!

Anna: Cue Torvald the Pig.
Torvald: I know exactly what you're thinking. No.
Anna: No?
Torvald: My heart is still for Bettina. The giant Blonde pin-up looks like a clown. Just look at that lipstick!
Torvald: Plus, she might be a man. Those are pretty damn big hands. And a rather square jaw.
Anna: Does everyone look like a man to you?
Torvald: What can I say? Sometimes a spade is a spade. I call dude.
winter: I think it is an expression of society placing women on a pedistal, denying them human feelings and emotins in lieu of an image and ideal.
Torvald: I think that's the most amount of words Winter's ever typed in a single sentence.
Anna: Usually she gets drowned out by us.
Torvald: Yeah.
Anna: Let's be quiet and see what she says.
Anna: ....
Torvald: ....
Anna: ....
Torvald: ....
Anna: ....
Torvald: ....
Winter: The silence is very welcome.
Anna: ...
Torvald: ...
Anna: ...
Torvald: ...
Winter: ...
Torvald: Okay! Enough of this shit.
Anna: It's now empirically proven: We are not drowning anyone out.
Anna: At least, not Winter.
Torvald: By the way, this is totally possible in real life.
Torvald: I have like three of these posters on my wall. They're called 'pin-ups'.
Anna: You have three posters of, by your claims, drag queens? Which you stated earlier you are not into?
Torvald: No, I only have one of those. I mean three normal hot healthy girls.
Anna: HAHA!
Torvald: This one, it's really hard to tell. Seriously.
Torvald: ...
Torvald: There goes my winning streak.
Anna: Torvald, I'm proud of you. You've just recognized your inherent contradictory attitudes towards sexuality and gender.
Torvald: Uh, I guess.
Torvald: Hey, think Bettina would give me a whirl if I called her up?
Torvald: Just kidding! Just kidding!

dust devil

Torvald: Ok, I'm at a loss.
Anna: The losing streak continues!
Torvald: This is just...
Torvald: I mean...
Torvald: C'MON! It's a bunch of friggin helices and dots and stripes!
Torvald: It's just throwing random shit up and saying it's not possible.
Anna: But it's not possible.
Winter: Indeed.
Anna: Hence the title theme.
Anna: This is clearly not possible in real life.
Torvald: Yeah, but it's taking the letter of the law instead of the spirit!
Anna: Isn't that what a certain someone did when they divided by zero?
Torvald: Dammit
Torvald: I submit to your logic.
Winter: 4-4
Torvald: Thanks Winter. You're all heart.
Winter: You are still 0.500. Still hope.
Anna: Don't encourage him.
Anna: I'm kind of curious as to the intent here. I don't know what to make of it.
Torvald: I'm seeing lots of orange.
Anna: That's a warm color.
Torvald: And I have got to say that those stripes are playing with my eyes.
Anna: Maybe this is an expression of Summer.
Torvald: No, Fall.
Anna: Just because it's orange doesn't make it Fall.
Torvald: It's tradition.
Torvald: Seventh inning stretch, Black friday, don't wear white after Labor day
Torvald: Orange is an autumn color
Anna: I suppose. I can see that.
Torvald: Ok, but why those helices?
Anna: And stripes. Don't forget the stripes.
Torvald: And the orange is as spheres.
Anna: I'm sorely tempted to say the artist just threw something up. I'm just not seeing anything here.
Anna: You know how when you look at something, you usually see something? I'm blind here.
Torvald: The title here is "Juria Yoshikawa".
Anna: That's the name of the artist. It doesn't help at all.
Winter: Perplexing.
Anna: Let's move on. This is getting boring.

There are many secrets in the Forest...

Anna: Tonight, we have a special guest.
Jurin: Uh, Anna? What are you doing?
Anna: Jurin will be commenting with us from now on, or at least until she logs off.
Jurin: What are you doing?
Torvald: She's drawn you into purgatory. Escape while you can.
Winter: You are on candid camera.
Jurin: LOL
Jurin: ok, what do I do?
Anna: Just chat about what we're looking at. You've seen us do this before, remember?
Jurin: ...
Jurin: You're recording this?
Anna: Yep
Torvald: Live.
Jurin: Onto your blog?
Anna: Yep.
Winter: Yep
Torvald: Yep
Jurin: Anna, I can't write
Anna: Nonsense. You just have to exist. This isn't anything serious.
Jurin: ok lol
Winter: Hello.
Jurin: Hello everyone! So what are we looking at?
Anna: This.
Jurin: that is so wonderful
Torvald: I think it's crap.
Jurin: Torvald this is pretty. It reminds me of light reflecting in a glass windchime.
Torvald: Crap. Looks like a bunch of random yellow lines someone threw together into a vase.
Jurin: I'd like to see you try to make something
Anna: Don't let him get you riled up. He thrives off of anger.
Anna: He's like that ooze from Ghostbuster.
Jurin: Why do you keep talking with him?
Anna: You know how family is...
Jurin: oh
Jurin: I'm sorry
Torvald: heeey Jurin...
Jurin: Yes?
Anna: Torvald, if you do what I think you're going to do, I'll mute and ban you.
Winter: death
Jurin: What's going on?
Torvald: Anna and Winter are ganging up on me.
Torvald: See? This is what I have to put up with.
Jurin: lol what is going on?
Anna: Just when I thought you were behaving! THis is why we can't have nice friends.
Winter: I do not like this.
Jurin: What?
Torvald: In my defense, I'm THE fun element here. You're such a prude.
Anna: You're just a snarky jerk. People come here to read ME. I don't see you on the masthead, do we?
Jurin: umm, who's Torvald?
Torvald: I'm Torvald.
Anna: I'm sorry, just ignore him.
Jurin: I'm so confused lol
Winter: Do what I do
Winter: Sit back and watch
Jurin: ok
Torvald: Anna, do you see this?
Anna: Yes, I do.
Anna: We're just a show for you, Winter?
Torvald: Entertainment for you?
Anna: Sideshow freaks?
Jurin: Are we discussing the art?
Torvald: Maybe later. Right now we're attacking Winter.
Winter: I said nothing.
Jurin: Are we ever going to discuss the art?
Torvald: Maybe later.
Anna: We could always badger Winter later. Let's cave and talk art.
Torvald: Ok.
Jurin: Thank you
Anna: It's light beams in a forest. Explain how you could see that in real life.
Jurin: You couldn't
Winter: It's not possible
Torvald: Mirrors.
Torvald: Tiny mirrors.
Torvald: With invisible strings.

Air Sturm

Jurin: Where is this?
Anna: I don't know.
Torvald: It's string in the wind. Silly string. Possible in real life.
Anna: Aside from that nonsense, it's very kinds of whimsical.
Jurin: yes
Winter: Indeed
Anna: I'm thinking it's the essence of the freedom of the sea.
Torvald: Is it because it's on the sea?
Anna: Yes, the presence of the ocean there was a big hint.
Jurin: That's Windlight! It has really worked well into a lot of projects.
Torvald: Name seven.
Jurin: I could be here listing all day lol
Anna: It's a shame Windlight always kills my computer
Jurin: That's terrible
Torvald: Don't feel bad. Anna's too cheap to buy a new one.
Torvald: Ha, your current one is almost three years old!
Torvald: Mine is two months!
Torvald: And it's a Mac.
Torvald: It just works.
Winter: What about Linux?
Anna: What about it?
Torvald: Who uses Linux?
Anna: Linux is ok... I guess.
Torvald: I think this picture is really speaking to my inner child.
Torvald: I wish I could have turned into spaghetti and flew out of class
Winter: You would die.
Jurin: i would have loved to ditch history, my professor was awful
Anna: History is fun!
Torvald: You're a nerd!
Anna: You're just upset because you flunked history.
Torvald: I did not. D+ is a passing grade.
Jurin: oh my god, did you really do that bad?
Torvald: It's not bad!!
Winter: Close to failure
Anna: I thought C was the minimum passing grade.
Jurin: me too
Torvald: No, a D is. Grade inflation just pushed it up to C. Ten years ago, I would have passed.
Anna: And when you got this D, was it 1998?
Torvald: ... no
Torvald: ...
Torvald: last year
Jurin: but you can retake it
Jurin: right?
Anna: Was it a required course?
Torvald: An elective, actually
Winter: Idiot.
Anna: What was the subject matter, anyway?
Torvald: US History 1815 - 1890
Anna: Was that before or after the Civil war?
Jurin: I think it was during
Torvald: Don't ask me, I couldn't figure it out
Torvald: Something about carpetbaggers. And Lincoln. And Spanish-American wars. I think we covered Roosevelt, too.
Anna: Roosevelt, both of them, were 20th century.
Jurin: yea, one of them was president during world war two
Jurin: FDR
Winter: Idiot
Torvald: This picture reminds me of the Pelopensian wars of 1812.
Anna: Ok, now you're just messing with us.
Jurin: There are a lot of cool colors
Jurin: with blue and its hues
Torvald: There's brown. Brown islands. Brown is a warm color.
Winter: But most of it is a cool color.
Anna: But it doesn't make me feel 'cold'
Jurin: I feel relaxed in this photo
Winter: Peace
Torvald: But there's a hint of wind, you got string blowing up in it somehow
Anna: Wind whistling through my hair on a cool spring day on the cliffs by the sea
Torvald: A fine day for sailing!
Jurin: wow
Jurin: I can almost see that
Torvald: I wonder if it's fresh or salt water?
Anna: Fairly large, I'm wagering on salt.
Winter: Salt
Jurin: I guess I'll agree
Torvald: Ok, votes are in. 3-0 against fresh water. This is officially a salty ocean.
Anna: We could ask the artist.
Torvald: Take a look at the title. He's Japanese. He probably doesn't speak English.
Anna: I dunno, a lot of people know English.
Anna: It wouldn't hurt to try.
Torvald: I'm now too lazy. Next picture!

Aww, it's the end

Jurin: Anna, you need to find out the tp to this place
Torvald: I'm offended.
Jurin: What? What is the matter?
Torvald: Everything is always Anna Anna Anna.
Torvald: :/
Torvald: Show Winter and me a little love too
Jurin: sorry! It's just that I just met you ten minutes ago
Jurin: Do you have a tp?
Torvald: No.
Torvald: Why don't you ask Anna?
Jurin: I did ask Anna
Winter: I do not have a tp
Anna: Yeah, Bett doesn't give a link
Anna: But if you search "Chakryn Forest", you'll probably find it.
Jurin: thanks!
Jurin: how did you find that?
Anna: It seems to be a recurring theme in the titles of these pictures.
Torvald: Looks like they killed a bird there.
Anna: A very colorful bird.
Anna: If you compare the feathers to that presumably large tree trunk
Anna: Then that is one huge avian
Jurin: A bird of paradise?
Jurin: Anna, did you see "Up"?
Torvald: There you go, asking Anna again.
Torvald: just ask her out already
Jurin: oh god no
Jurin: I'm sorry
Jurin: And I don't like Anna that way
Anna: Me either.
Torvald: And love blossoms.
Winter: When is the marriage?
Torvald: Probably in the spring.
Winter: They will hire the greatest sculptors to custom build a chapel
Winter: It will be glorious
Torvald: I can imagine it taking place at this exact spot.
Torvald: Now THAT is something not possible in real life
Winter: yes
Anna: A ha! We found one that bested you!
Torvald: No, just in a general scenario
Torvald: This scene could be possible in real life
Torvald: But suspending those giant glowing feathers stock still during a long marriage ceremony is pretty impossible.
Jurin: you could always place them on string
Jurin: you wouldn't see it at night
Winter: that would work
Anna: It could all hang from the tree branches overhead.
Torvald: Is everyone reversing roles now?
Anna: Are the feathers rising up from the pool or down from the sky?
Winter: Up
Jurin: down
Torvald: down
Anna: Ok, give your reasons
Torvald: C'mon. Gravity.
Jurin: I don't see feathers on the pool or coming out of it
Jurin: it could be either
Jurin: I don't think it matters
Winter: It is clearly up
Winter: there is a conical pattern, the apex of which is centered on the pool
Winter: They are being ejected from the pool
Jurin: that's a good point
Anna: The bigger question now, is what does that mean?
Torvald: Dinner
Anna: Pardon?
Torvald: It's late. I'm going to get dinner. Those feathers remind me to thaw the leftovers from Thanksgiving. That turkey is about to go rancid soon.
Jurin: I have leftovers
Jurin: not turkey though
Anna: Jurin, what did I tell you about eating?
Jurin: I eat fine
Jurin: Anna, you don't need to worry
Jurin: this is embarrassing
Jurin: can you take this part out? I don't think I want the internet to know my eating habits
Anna: Yes
Anna: Yes, I will take it out
Torvald: I don't like that tone.
Torvald: She's not gonna do it.
Torvald: Enough of this. Catch you later
Jurin: Bye Torvald
Winter: Good night
Anna: Have fun
Torvald: Later
Torvald has logged off.
Anna: Finally.
Anna: Now we can get some work done.
Winter: They are not feathers
Jurin: really?
Winter: They are leaves.
Anna: Those are some strange leaf colors and patterns
Jurin: I wonder what type of tree has those leaves
Jurin: I never learned botany
Anna: Your guess is as good as mine
Winter: Maple
Anna: Ok, that I can clearly shoot down. Maple leaves are like star-ish shaped
Jurin: I thought you didn't know botany.
Anna: I don't. I know what the Canadian flag looks like.
Jurin: oh
Jurin: I did not think of that
Winter: Maple
Anna: I'd say Oak
Jurin: The trees are in the water
Jurin: The trunks are in the water
Anna: Maybe this piece of trying to tell the audience that life springs from the waters.
Anna: and that we need to be conscieous and not waste life water
Winter: Why is the water around the trunks?
Anna: That's waste. The tree does not need to be immersed in water.
Jurin: This feels calm here
Jurin: Like the last photo
Anna: Peaceful reflection on water as the basis of our existance?
Anna: You know, it's funny how Religion focuses on 'dust to dust' and creation from dust
Anna: Or the Bible anyway, with Adam made from the ground
Anna: But wouldn't it be more true to have a myth surrounding our origin from water?
Anna: Life evolved out of it
Anna: Water makes a good majority of our bodies
Jurin: Well write a Nunchuck myth about it
Anna: Maybe later
Jurin: You need to write more about Nunchuck
Jurin: Did I tell you I saw a picture of a femur the other day?
Jurin: I thought of you first lol
Winter: Femurs are common
Winter: I have femurs
Jurin: but this was a picture of the bone
Jurin: not the thigh
Anna: Winter, you need to get out into the sun more
Anna: If you can see your femur through your skin
Jurin: Anna, I have work early tomorrow
Jurin: I can't play anymore
Anna: That's ok. Thanks for playing!
Jurin: lol anytime
Winter: Bye Jurin
Jurin: Good night
Jurin has logged off
Anna: This is really winding down, just me and you Winter
Winter: Good night
Winter has logged off
Anna: Just me
Anna: Sigh
Anna: time to copy paste this into my blog now
Anna: c
Anna: Damn, ctrl key is busted
Anna: cccccc
Anna: Oh, I'm still logging chat
Anna: Time to turn that off...
Anna has logged off

This conversation was unedited. I hope we all had fun. We'd like to thank Bettina Tizzy for kindly entertaining us through making her photostream publically available and Jurin Juran for being a good guest host. And to viewers like you!


Ari Blackthorne™ said...


And I concur "NPRL" is itself a bit of a stretch. lot of what I see in SL could technically be recreated in "RL".

It's all about smoke and mirrors. But that's what SL is anyway, right?

Yabusaka said...

Rofl XD
I can't wait your next post.

jurin juran said...

Anna I LOVE your blog. I don't even remember any of this. Must be ALTSheimers. Not me. Anna. She's the one. I'm innocent. I'm rarely in SL lately, altho I did stop in to get one of those Linden Homes today. FWIW I like NPIRL. Bettina has done alot to promote Art in SL. Anyone who does that is ok with me. BTW did you know I took down the Linden Bear Museum last week? Wonder if anyone will notice.

Bettina Tizzy said...


Anna J Tsiolkovsky said...

Hmm, I realize how someone could construe this as an attack on NPIRL (judging from Bettina's reaction and Jurin's disclaimer).

Let me say, however, that me, Winter and Torvald did not intend any disrespect. Far from it. I do appreciate NPIRL and the massive PR it generates for artists in SL who would otherwise be drowned in the white noise of junk that inundates the Grid.

That is not me spinning myself into a good light. If I really disliked NPIRL and wanted to trash it, rest assured I would not bother to take the time to rip each photo and subject myself to Winter and Torvald's nonsensical blather when I could just outright rage and shill against it. Probably with more finesse, too.

This reminds me of an earlier post I wrote about ageplayers. I wrote in a style of a medieval scientist warning of the great evils of children on the grid and how they eat unsuspecting 'pixeling' adult avatars. I personally thought the sheer over-the-top demonization would be taken as a joke (and highlight the hilarious overreaction to them among SLers at that time). Guess I thought wrong, I still get angry emails over it (both for and against). Hehe, I should post a few sometime.

@Ari, sometimes I see things on NPIRL which do make me consider the unique aspects of SL which are impossible to bring into real life. And sometimes I see things posted which perplex me. I take it for what it's worth (and what Jurin has said): promotion of the artists. Like an internet Florance. Or Venice. One of those Italian Renaissance cities.

@Yabusaka I'm afraid I'm not terribly clever all the time, you'll probably be disappointed. I don't update often, either.

Darn, I really should write more.

@Jurin, it makes me incredibly sad that you took down the Bear Museum. I can imagine, however, that a few will take up residence in your new Linden home. Now if only the Lindens could provide Premiums with more benefits.

@Bettina, Yes, I do not moderate comments. You can post away ;D

Ari Blackthorne™ said...


I concur.
And my comment wasn't meant as a slight either. Just a "flat" statement. And apologies to Bettina or anyone else who took it that wy.

Unfortunately, it's too easy for all of us to take things as such in a negative light, intended that way or not ('tis how SL drama breeds) :)

NPRL contributed greatly to the grid. And even though I didn't follow that blog "religiously", I admit is still was a bit of an unexpected surprise to see the "goodbye' post - because it was a a"staple" in the SLogosphere.

It's also given me the push off the fence I've been thinking about for the last few months to let one of my other blogs "go away" at te end of the year so I can focus on just the one.

Those who know me know I have a rather dry sense of humor. That's more what my comment was about. ;)

As for this article in genral: I think it has to do with the "hype" of it. Kind of like that ridiculousness over at New World Notes right now about the "hottest male avatar"... I mean..really...?

We all are cartoon pixels. So "hottest" seems rather ...ummm... over the top.

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