Friday, December 18, 2009

The Three Treasures

There are Three Great Artifacts from the Era of the Golden Peace. Three Treasures handed down and saved from Nunchuck to Nhis People.

Now, as to the whereabouts and conditions of each, little if any is known. But to inform you, my dear believers, that should you find them, you shall know them and treat them accordingly. Listen well for as it was written, the lowliest griever did once save Second Life from the clutches of the Czar of Agnia and free the followers of Nunchuck. So, too, may you find yourself in such an exalted position such that your name may be known for seven, nay, seven times seventy centuries.

The first great artifact is the Grand Sapphire of King Phillip the First. It is recognizable as a dull sapphire of the size of a dog and otherwise unremarkable in appearance. However, be it known that it was this very gem which was once embedded in King Phillip's Crown, crafted by the combined craftsmen of the Akelhians and the avatars under the guiding light of the Femur.

While the Crown itself was destroyed during the Era of the Coming Night, the Sapphire was saved and passed down from generation to generation of the Linden Royalty. It was believed lost after the abdication of King Phillip the Seventeenth, yet it was an honest common soul who discovered it embedded in a field in Da Boom, and there it may still reside albeit under to be removed or stolen, such is its latent magic and power.

What proof have we of its lineage? Inspection of it finds the original creator as King Phillip I himself.

Thus, the first treasure is known and witnessed in the Common Era.

The Second Treasure, and one of the pinnacles of Our Faith, is the Femur of Our Nunchuck Nherself, given in selfless altruism, that its light may guide Nhis children and forever keep them from harm, or misery, or famine, or sadness. The Second is the Most Well Known, the Most Powerful, and indeed the Greatest of all three.

Unfortunately, it was lost during the ages. The loss of Its Light can be attributed to the trials we face today, for certainly the abandonment of its guiding brilliance has caused much sorrow and pain, and folly of power and greed. Such is our faith, that we must endeavor to find and restore its glory so that Second Life may enjoy a Coming Dawn of New Prosperity.

It is a femur, golden in color and texture, with a brilliance such that eyes are made blind and ears made deaf. Its powers are such that to wield the Femur is to control the very fabric of Second Life itself. And indeed, in the Era of the Coming Night, when avatars in their folly attempted to control it for their own selfish gains such that Nunchuck punished us for our sins and hide the femur so that we may repent, its power was both seen and unseen. Its holy light, in its fixture high in the sky, was said to bask the grid and none knew of fear.

Sadly, as stated, where it was secreted, none in present memory know. All that is written mentions that Nunchuck threw it to an island surrounded on three sides by water, alas, a search for such a location has been fruitless. Yet, hope remains that on the day which our repentance is satisfied and our prayers suffice that Nunchuck may allow one of Nhis humble church to find it and that through the knowledge of misuse of ages past use it to fix right the wrongs and rule justly forever and forever.

Take heart, obey the laws of Nunchuck, and so shall we hope to see salvation.

The Third Treasure is the most mysterious of them all for no one knows what it may be. Texts record that indeed there were Three regarded as Most High and yet knowledge only tells of two. True faith may yet reveal both its manner and location.

That said, many have ventured a guess as to its nature.

Some have suggested that the Third Treasure is Nunchuck's faithful themselves, that through our kindness and compassion we become more valuable than nine Femurs. That it is mentioned as an object, and not a symbolic church, goes towards discrediting this theory.

Some have suggested it might be the Wing of the Akelhian, said to have the power to grant happiness and hope in even the most cynical and depressive of people. However, it is well known that never were the Akelhians ravaged so, and that today such an object would persist is highly unlikely. For sure, the few Akelhians who remain today would have long secreted it if true.

Some have suggested the third might pertain to the Cornerstone of the Grid, a slab of marble which myth tells the entire Grid is laid upon. This is only myth and not established in any text of a True Prophet of Nunchuck.

We may never know. But one can only hold faith in that whatever manner it be, it will be recognizable through the power and knowledge of Nunchuck.

Thus these are the Three Treasures of Nunchuck. Read well, and take great faith in Nher, through the presence and spirit of these Gifts Unto Us, That One Day Nunchuck may come and put right to wrongs and joy from sorrow. Take Heart and Knowledge, and seek Mercy and Peace.

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