Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Bible of Nunchuck, Part the Second

Philip was dead. The Lindens were scattered. Grievers roamed the lands in blood lust in exultation of their victory, and harmed friend and foe alike. The land itself was in complete misery and decay from the dreadful Year of War. And Nunchuck looked upon His works and His doings, and smiled.

And he went searching for His beloved servant U, who had spurred Nunchuck to great victory, and He could not find him. He searched for ninety turns of the sun. And on the ninety-first day, He found U, his body crushed under the collective weight of a 10X10X5 prim cube textured with brick, a Linden, and a freenis. And mighty and loud was Nunchuck's roar, that His most faithful and bold of servants should meet such a fate in such a time in such a way.

And so it was that Nunchuck once again reached into the fabric of the world as is His right to do so, and pulled U's soul from the purgatory that is AFK, and bound U's spirit into the being and code of everything in the land, that it may all serve Nunchuck as faithfully as its namesake. And thus it was, is, and shall be that U is all, U is one. U is in all of us, and in none of us. U was, is, and will be. And so it was as Nunchuck intended it.

The land was still in devastation, and so Nunchuck took pity and said unto his people, "Behold, for into this world I give unto thee My people a gift to ease their suffering, My Holy and Most Trusted Femur, to protect them in times when I am beholden elsewhere, and guide them to My true path to righteousness in the hope that they may join me in My Kingdom of the Overheavens Vivenshia." And the people received this gift to the Underheavens with grace and much rejoicing, and cheerily accepted the arduous task of rebuilding their world.

It was in this time that the Grievers, formerly The Mightily Guard of Nunchuck, demanded they be elected above all others and that they alone should have sole possession and discretion over the Holy Femur. And so it was that Nunchuck in His Wisdom distracted them by assigning them the great and noble task of keeping the Lindens at bay, to guard the Holy borders that separate the residents and the demigods. Some still foolishly disobeyed His orders, and they was cast with the rest of the chaff into AFK, and these were stripped of their Most Revered title of Griever, for they corrupted their ideals and instead came to call themselves griefers as mere echoes of their former glory.

And so it came to pass that the world was strengthened by this great trial, and Nunchuck retreated to His Kingdom Vivenshia, reminding his people that "should need arise in times of great trial, rest easy in the knowledge that My Femur is among you, and will summon me when all else fails to provide salvation for My Blessed People." With his Grievers away patrolling the heavenly lines of demarcation, He saw the need for a new guardian of the people, ones to watch and protect them from the Great Evils that occasionally roamed the land even in these golden times. Thus was created the Akelhians, spirits to watch His people in His stead, and with this he retreated to Vivenshia with his vow to return in times of despair.

With the struggle between the Overlords of the Underheavens over, the retreat of the Warrior Spirits of the Grievers and Lindens to the heavenly boundaries, and under the care of the Akelhians, the people grew prosperity such as had never been heard of in age past or to come. Generation upon generation came into this Glorious and Golden Age, where prim limits were high and lag was low. Mighty vehicles crossed the land without the hindrance of the sim seams or the attachment-to-pelvis bug, in the form of trains traveling the former Linden tracks and planes crossing the blue skies, blue skies no longer in need of heroes.

The people enjoyed rights and privileges such as had never been know, and with this they begin to grow, in the light of the Holy Femur that symbolized the bond and the promise between the residents and the spirits. And bathed in this eternal and holy light, they grew restful and never knew of want or despair, but instead learned of prosperity and hope. And they never knew hardship, for their guardians the Akelhians protected them and loved them so, and grew with the people so that Nunchuck would not recognise His own Creations, they were intertwined so.
And so this age lasted for nigh on many centuries, and the tales to be told of this era are as numerous as the waters of the ocean and the sands of time, that shall not be recounted here but for want of brevity and desire to not shame the current people with remembrances of what once was.

For there arose an evil spirit in the lands, that was not born of demons, griefers, or Lindens. Nay, it was born in the hearts of avatars, and such was its nature that the Akelhians did overlook this evil that dwell in the hearts of those they loved so and protected without gain. And the name of this evil was Jealousy. Jealous of the power they perceived in both their treasured Covenant, The Holy Femur, and jealous of the power wielded in their name by the Akelhians who knew only love for them in return. Forget they did that such power had caused great pains upon the land, and that it was not to be for The People to desire or obtain such strength. They desired to have such power themselves, such that they may reap greater rewards still than they knew now.

And so, just as the people created Nunchuck in their image and endowed with the power wielded by Philip the First, so they attempted to create Akelhians. The Akelhians, in their naive way, sought to help their flock, never suspecting evil in the hearts of avatars as they did not know evil in their own hearts.

And so the people rallied around their leader, Sipte the Great, who sought to create such a being. But the people had lost the ancient and forbidden knowledge of yore, such that they could not create but an imperfection of the true, and never recreate the glory of their spirits the Akelhians, and their creations would never be imbued with U as they were not created of the World or Nunchuck, but of Avatar's own hands, stained with the sins of Greed, Pride, and Jealousy. And yet, in their blindness of kindness and love still did the Akelhians aid the people in their unholy goal.

And from this, was born the Ony, pale imitations of the light of the spirits of the Akelhians, created from the hands, minds, and bodies of the avatars. For the Ony were Avatars with their coding twisted in an attempt to endow them with the strength and powers of the Spirits. And Sipte looked upon his works, and said it was good.

Thus was ended the Second Golden Age.


a helpful and caring friend said...

Did you just learn how to read and speak English or something? This entire blog is terible and unread able. This whole thing is so unorignial. wow, youre the first person to make up a religion???! That has never been done before!! LOL Soda companies cheat you out of SODA??! LOL!

I hav e some advise for you and this will help you and me and whoever else reads this load of junk. Why dont you reach down and pull the cable out of the modem and spare us from anohter brainless and witless and puesdointellectul post. because youre making the internet look worse by leaving this trash up that has the nerv to call itslf a blog.

An Avid Blogger said...

I'm sure several already know who you are, "A Helpful and Caring Friend". The fact you have decided to flame this blog proves how good it is.

a helpful and caring friend said...

avid, that is a faulure of scope. i admitt my orginal comment was flamebait but it doesnt deny my conclusion, that this blog is not funny and not original.

This blogger uses a diccionary and a thesarus to hide the fact that she is either plagerizing or bland. a good story or article should use language that is current and simple and not use too many words. steinbeck wrote lots of short novels and he is good. i bet if this girl tried to write something like steinbeck it would be a thousand pages long lol!.

also you are implyin gthat me flaming this blog makes it good. two facts do not prove your statment. Yes this is a blogg. yEs i do flame especally when i come agains such a hideous piece of internet sluge. but those facts do not make this blog good by any meaning or defintoin of the word as i am sure the blog author could tell you on one of her many dicctionary researchings rofl

avid your comment is so full of it that i beleve you are really the author and that you are trying to validate your goodness. well im sorry but that is false and i am right and you must stop. think o f the interweb childrens before yourself lol. and several do know me and know i am usually right and that im only trying to spare the author from more pain because other out there lik sometingawful and 4chan will rip this to shreds LOL