Monday, January 21, 2008


Starax created so many wonderful and memorable creations. One of them is a statue of a man holding a limp woman, titled "Drowned".

One cannot link more than 256 prims together. This as you can imagine is a problem with larger builds and sculptures. So a common technique is to build giant pieces of your sculpture and place them all together to give the illusion that they are all linked into one piece. "Drowned" is an example of this, as the man and woman are each separate statues in their own right.

Why do I bring this up? Because my good friend Jurin (who runs Blackwater Gallery, which is definitely worth checking out and donating to) and self-proclaimed Starax worshipper (which is okay because Nunchuck likes Starax too) happens to have this particular piece on display. Her gallery is becoming renowned through the Second Life Land and people are taking notice and blogging their trips down to Blackwater. One I happened to stumble upon was an article by Stone Culdesac on The Grid Live, which pours over various galleries.

The Open Air Gallery shows how "Drowned" is supposed to be arranged. Now see Blackwater's interpretation?

You may be wondering why I am bringing this up. For you see, some time ago, someone (we never found out who) arranging "Drowned" so that the man appeared to be giving pleasure to the female statue. I don't have a snapshot on hand, but suffice to say, Jurin was both surprised and a tad miffed. Light Waves commented that this new arrangement was clever. We all had a chuckle and moved on.

Now, it seems like the mysterious rearranger has struck Jurin again. The newest pose has the woman leaping into the arms of the man which gets points in my book for being tasteful vandalism.

I wonder what we can expect to see from this mystery vandal in the future.

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