Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sex And Battery Acid

They say everyone at one time or another has tried their hand at Second Life Sex.

I can understand the language and the words and the thoughts conveyed. But I could never bring myself to do it, I'd feel silly and goofy typing out each and every reaction and detail and what not.

Plus, you might have noticed I have a tendency to go crazy on people and provoke a reaction. Like when I held a dance party on Mia Linden's roof. Or filled Lillee & Shell's with prim babies. I just wouldn't be able to resist on such a thing as cybering. I'd have to do something weird or goofy.

I was discussing this very topic with my good friend Chaos (completely innocent, I assure you), and I had a chance to find what I would be like as a SL lover. Here is the exact quote:

"As I slide my hot, wet pussy down your hard, stiff, virile cock, my nipples start to leak sulfuric acid in delight. It drips on your rock hard abs, burning a path down your abdomen and around your scrotum. You scream in agony, while I scream in delight"

Another day, another discovery.

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