Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Goodbye Kiss

Heaton is dead. Or, Heaton Village as we knew it.

It was bought yesterday and was completely wiped out, along with Club Vanity and The Bridge. The new owner is replacing it with various themes every day. I have seen two so far.

And so, one and a half years after it began, Vanity and Heaton village disappear from Second Life, living on only in my snapshots and memories.

And so we kiss Heaton Village and Club Vanity goodbye. It was a slow, agonizing death as Hazel split, and James sold it, and Jayden abandoned it. All the while it sat and rotted. I almost want to say it's better to be forever gone than for it to sit there and betray all the fun times that passed through its halls.

So it goes.

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Nalin Nungesser said...

And so it goes. Forever faded, forever loved.