Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Adiós Muchachos, Compañeros de Mi Vida

Edit: My April Fool's Day joke was in rather poor taste, don't you agree? D:

My dear friends, all 19 of my readers, I have seen the light. All this time I have been railing against Linden Lab and making fun of Torley, and I finally have seen it. The problem isn't with Linden Lab, it is with me! Yes, their policies are right and I am the one who is at fault!

After this revelation, I have decided to quit Second Life and quit this blog. It is the only viable option. I have to leave to allow Second Life and Linden Lab to operate smoothly. I know I said I'd stick with Second Life until the heat death of the universe, but it turns out to be a lie. A terrible lie.

I'm going to go far, far away. I might never come back.

I'm going to find myself,

And perhaps



Daedalus Young said...

Have a safe journey, I hope we can welcome you back some day.
And remember there's never one true point of view. The universe is open to many interpretations, none of them holding the complete truth though. However your views are most true to you while Linden's views are most true to them. That doesn't mean any of you is wrong; you are right in every thing you do and say, at the very least from where you are.
There will be many who agree with you.

Peter Stindberg said...

/me is relieved it was a joke