Saturday, April 25, 2009

On Memory

The other day, someone (never mind who) was apologising for their infrequent appearances in Second Life. It was alright, however, as they did not think that anyone in particular would notice or care if they disappeared.

I promptly called bullshit on this.

Of course people would notice if you're gone! Unless you were a hermit, chances are you have some friends. And chances are those friends are, whether you know so or not, attuned to your comings and goings. And chances are that said friends would be saddened at your disappearance. Even a casual acquaintance would shed a tear. OK, that's a little dramatic.

But to casually say no one notices, with the implication that no one cares, is inherently stupid. I personally found it insulting as I am one of those acquaintances! And I certainly do care! I am also not alone, because I'm certain I'm not your only friend. Your statement is untrue and thus flawed.

So there. Neener Neener!

The other day, the Lindens unveiled the Memorial Park, at which you can remember those who have gone silent or died. There's small monuments for Kendra, Ginny, and Sojouner as well as a small garden for the rest of us faceless anonymous alts. Narrow woodland paths and candle lit vigils also dot the island.

Have you ever wandered a graveyard and wondered who the names were on the tombstones? I never knew Kendra, Ginny, or Sojouner. Never even heard of them until they died. All I have are their low prim graves and the same epitaph accompanying it. No more and no less.

Those are just three of the hundreds who come and go, and many more thousands if you could those who join up and mysteriously go AFK forever.

Such is life.

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