Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Statistics

I recently put in a tracker out of boredom and because I was tired of estimating how many people were visiting. Also, I wanted to thumb it at those who insist I get a lot of eyeballs visiting this site. And I must say, I was surprised. I have calculated that there are a total of six or seven of you out there who regularly come to read me. Thank you, thank you.

I also got a fun chance to see what the other one-shot wonders were searching for when they stumbled onto me. This list is at once amusing and disturbing:

1) Second Life beginner island
2) "second life" astronomy stars viewer
3) sl "script limits"
4) Nova Albion Infohub
5) bradford reagent ldh
6) adult free pronvideo
7) Anna Nalin, PA
8) second life zeppelin -led -lez
9) how to make bot using pluto
10) besteality stories
11) copybot torley
12) pluto their ailens

Adult free porn? Besteality stories? Their ailens? Who in Nunchuck's Good Green Grid is searching for "Anna Nalin" in Pennsylvania? I have no idea why anyone is trying to connect Torley with Copybot or how to make one. The stupider idea would be someone trying to copybot Torley, as if he wouldn't notice. I'm pretty sure the 'bradford reagent' is due to me copying a lab report in here somewhere in a drunken stupor one night. That's pretty redundant since I usually post in a drunken stupor.

In terms of the most visited page, the 'Great Evils' posts seem to draw the most attention. Maybe I should do more of those. There's also someone who is continually accessing the archives for October 08 and is most certainly a bot. Attention Bot: there is nothing interesting there. Sorry. At least, I think so. I'm not going to dig through the hundred pages or so in my archives. And on that tangeant, I'm not going to count them either, probably in the two hundred range.

Finally, just to freak out the bot, I'm going to insert the following phrases:

Pigeons diarrhea Samsung Pringles number two five four three two one mirado warrior Troll Ink Printer AIDS thumbnail anal coronal totally patent patient Oregon Trail drill The Great Escape Emergency 911 silverware desire Girl Scout Cookies California Here I Come Terrorist machine gun curve cubane predebtor rojak declassification jitter Federalized Athwart Dammit Slily Lily Lillee Garment Roadrunner Comcast lust Sydney Dyspareunia Family Friendly Fun

And this is certainly going to be fun!


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