Saturday, April 4, 2009

On Resident's Choice Awards Voting

The voting has been up for the resident's choice awards for some time now, and I must say that it's immense fun. In fact, it's a bit more open than I imagined it would be.

The first step is to list your language, country, and Second Life name. No logging in necessary, I wonder, however, if you can spoof another person's name. There doesn't seem to be a system to distinguish whether the real Anna Tsiolkovsky is voting. The page stipulates that you can only vote once which raises some questions as to what the Lab will do if an avatar suddenly exhibits multiple personality disorder.

On another note, how does language and nation determine 'winners that represent the opinions of each community'? Are we going to get specific winners in each language and nation? Why the hell should the vote be influenced in any way by nationality and language? The only influence should be the language in which the questions are presented. Does this imply that some weighting system to adjust the ballots? Does a Brazilian's vote get less weight than a Canadian's? Someone please enlighten me, perhaps a mental block is preventing me or encumbering me here.

There's about forty questions, and after the initial round of 'favorite place to hang out', 'favorite gallery', and so on, we get strange and rather specific ones. Like 'favorite place to Victorianize and get Steam Punky'. I've only met one person, actually two maybe, who was into that scene. Favorite place to get my AO on and Be Tiny? Robot Rebellion? What? Awfully detailed, aren't we? Why isn't there a 'favorite place to be a caveman' or 'favorite place to be a mole' or 'favorite place to form an angry mob against the Lindens'?

It goes on:

Favorite place to be emo or be goth, guys! Post Apocalypse! I should have campaigned for 'favorite flower garden'. I like gardens. Or 'favorite place to fall asleep', I don't recall that being in there.

I do like the open space with which to vote. There's no hindrance on selecting from a chosen few, although the Lindens have certainly already singled some people out in secret. My problem, and this is specific to me and not likely you, is that I didn't think to get my list of landmarks and places and names out beforehand so many of my entries were very spur of the moment and horribly misspelled. Like Tsiolkovksy, that's always a tricky one to spell. I just used a different arrangement each time, so I had "Anna Tsiolkovky", "Anna Tsolkovsky", "Anna Tsilkovsky", "Anna Tsiolkovski" and so on.

As for places, it seems you need to know the slurls and I was completely lost. I did this around 1 AM and I was not in the mood to dig through everything. So to everyone whose sims I voted for, I apologise in advance as my vote for you is likely to be thrown out. And of course, I screwed up sim and parcel names, too. I realized the next day (after a very good sleep) that it's Blackwater and not Blackwood. Damn!

The results are to be released on the 17th this April and I am excited to see what the English United States of American voters opinioned as representing the best in our community.

Bonus Content: Check out what spellcheck says is the correct spelling of my name:

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