Saturday, April 4, 2009

On Rainbows

Update: I cannot find a picture of it. It's one of those times I curse myself for not have a camera phone for these spur of the moment things.

I missed the shuttle and had to trudge all of fifteen blocks back home. The weather was warm and cooperative, but looking west an ominous black line was on the horizon. Me being the excellent meteorologist that I am, I misjudged the turn it would take and got caught soaking wet.

It was a schizophrenic day, well, actually more like multiple personality disorder day as the rain came off and on, the clouds would break up and then suddenly plunge the world into night.

But I was soaking wet! Stupid weather systems.

As I got home, I caught a glance of the skyline to the east, and I saw what may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. As the sun came out to the west, it cast its light upon the Center City skyline, causing all numbers of things.

A beautiful double rainbow, clear and glistening as the sunlight reflecting off the glass castles of Center City. Arching high over the towers tall and rich and placing its feet in the run down and blight stricken ghettos to the north and south of it.

Do you suppose those people reaped the rewards of the pot of gold? Either that, or a whole lot of breakfast cereal. When I can, I'll nab a photograph.

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