Saturday, November 3, 2007

In Response to a Comment

"Hrm. Okay, I don't know who you are and have never heard of your blog, but it's great that you have an opinion. For the record, the Herald has a spot for "advertisements and announcements", and that is what the Titanic bit was filed under.

Please do some more research next time."

I know the Herald has had a category for Ads and announcements for ages. However, there was a time when announcements were for things that were breaking news, hot off the presses, or structural changes to the Herald. Now they're being hijacked for the purpose of advertising to the highest bidder?

And I have never quite agreed with Advertisements being articles unto themselves. I was aware that the Herald has had spots for them in the past, however, in the past the frequency with which ads were posted was once or twice a month, and often less. They didn't appear often enough and ended up being more of an annoyance. Recently they've come in waves, and frankly that turns me off, I'm skimming the Herald to read about SL and not about Rome Film Festivals.

It's not just ads, either. Recently there was a spurt of four or five articles responding to the other about SL rape. It was almost like watching an inworld discussion in slow motion. It made for great drama, but after the 30th comment debating whether SL rape is on the same emotional level it got tiring.

So I have more or less stopped reading the Herald. I check it once or twice on occasion, but it's not the same anymore for me. Just like I'm not forcing you to sit down, google search for your name and articles, dreg up my blog, and comment on it; I understand that I don't have to read and whine about the Herald. This is my blog, and nothing here is supposed to be especially well researched and in fact I have explained numerous times to the four people reading this that I encourage them to do their own research and that whatever I've posted is usually from quick glances on the topic.

That's all I have to say on the matter, and I won't post about it again.

An aside: I suppose I might have been a bit harsh concerning the google search, as my search for "Tenshi Titanic" turns up my blog as the third result. So maybe it is not so unbelievable at all that you'd find me as I previously thought.

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