Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Oh my Nunchuck. Someone snapzilla'd a photo of Concinna and the railway that was built up around there.

He comments (it was taken about 3 months ago) on how it appears to be merely a museum, and how all the trains are broken.

Oh Daedalus Young, you should have seen it not a few months before you visited. The trains ran on time, they weren't broken. Concinna was a railway station, it was the terminal where they were rerezzed if they ever got lost or badly broken. They were old style locomotives, with smokestacks and coal bunkers. I used to ride them up and down the Linden Railways.

Within a few months, a station and rail line become a ruin, an exhibit of what once was. If Daedalus ever met me, I could tell him all about the somewhat strange times we had on those trains, between Jurin the dinosaur avatar towering over the engines to careening off the track when a sim crossing went bad. Holy hell, I knew the guy who built and got the trains running!

I feel so old.

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Daedalus Young said...

I'm glad I found this post now, even though it's a few months old.
I only once rode a train on the Atoll, that must've been December 2006 or January 2007, when I was still a n00b. The trains on the old Continent seem to be working better, I've seen them more often, although sometimes embedded in the track, after fallen through them on sim crossing.
Those early days, I had the impression the train system was either not yet finished or abandoned. It's a shame really there's so little attention to it. It'd be a cool way for new Residents to explore the Mainland.