Sunday, November 18, 2007


Actually, no, not really.

In this blog post, you can glimpse other SL blogs, sounding off about how horrible this week has been, and oh isn't it just terrible! And it was so nice a month ago!

Shove it.

It wasn't nice a year ago, it wasn't nice last month, it hasn't been nice this past week, it won't be pleasant next week, and it won't be nice a year from now. Where do people get these ideas? When was SL ever stable? When did it ever not lag? Point out one instance of time between November 5th, 2006, and today where the SL grid for once settled down and didn't have issues. You can't! It's always had issues!

The day I started, SL lagged. And it still does today. It still has horrible and weird issues. A year ago, it was copy bots and failed teleports and grey goo and being stuck in place after a failed teleport and clothes not rendering properly or on the correct mesh. And everyone wailed that oh this horrible horrible grid!

Today, we have issues with missing textures, and crashing in mouselook, and windlight not working properly and the prims drift and inventory isn't loading and griefers are spamming whole sims miles away. And everyone is still wailing oh this horrible horrible grid!


We all know how horrible and how bad and how annoying the grid is. Just like we all know how big bad and evil Bush is, and how global warming is going to kill us all and high density cholesterol wraps around your heart.

But for the love of Nunchuck, enjoy your Second Life. Laugh a little. Don't sit like a bump on a prim, go out and enjoy it. Laugh when it crashes! Laugh at the people running around and trying to crash it! For the love of all that's holy, enjoy it because if you can't make SL enjoyable, whether you treat it as a video game or another chance at life, make sure you get out and have fun. If you can't have fun, make it.

But don't miss what you have by bitching about it nonstop.

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