Thursday, September 6, 2007

There Is No Contradiction

A Biblical friend of mine pointed me to this when I wasn't buying his "Bible is always right" theory, to show me that the Bible, indeed, is always right:

"THE ATHEIST'S COMPLAINT:Is divorce ever permissible? Different texts seem to say different things:

divorce is never permissible (Mk 10:11; Lk 16:18)
only when the wife is unfaithful (Mt 5:32; 19:9)
when the 'unbelieving' partner chooses to leave (1 Cor 7:15)
when the husband is displeased with his wife (Deut 24:1-2)

Is there a contradiction?

RESPONSE:The last text listed above is from a different covenant than the other texts. If the Law of Moses says one thing, and the Gospel of Christ says another,

there is no contradiction."


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daiyo said...

This is my problem with religion. It ignores what is right in front of its face. There is a glaring contradiction, and it's ignored because the alternative is that the bible must be wrong. Lovely isn't the word I'd choose for it.